Free Friday! Lessons for Seekers of Holiness


It’s Free Friday and today’s free download, usually $4.95, is Lessons for Seekers of Holiness by Harmon Allen Baldwin. Click here to download.

“Reader, if you are praying for that purity which will fit you for the society and employments of heaven we trust our words will be of some use to you in gaining the goal of your endeavors, but put away the thought that it is too hard, and that you can never be made clean. Who can tell the value of a necessary article? Much less can you tell the value of that “holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.” It is of such infinite worth that any price you can pay will be but a drop compared to a mighty sea. Do not seek an easy way or a “shorter route,” but take the way that will lead you to the blood that washes thoroughly from every stain.”

Lessons for Seekers of Holiness is a practical guide written to help earnest believers mature in Christ. Drawing from the writings of John Wesley and John Fletcher,  Baldwin concisely and systematically lays out the necessary steps to obtain the experience of holiness by demonstrating the need for sanctification and providing the tools for how to obtain and retain it.

Harmon Allen Baldwin (1869-1936) was a Free Methodist evangelist. Defending and explaining the Wesleyan doctrines of the Christian faith, Baldwin wrote several books and often cited the classical sources in the teachings of Wesley and Fletcher. His goal was to help people understand God’s will and to mature in Christ.

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