Free Friday! Holiness and the Human Element

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $4.95, is Holiness and the Human Element  by Harmon Allen Baldwin.  Click here to download.

When a person is justified (and we here use the word “justified” in its broad sense, including all the accompaniments of initial salvation,) first, all his sins are forgiven, and all his moral relations with both God and men, and the universe are changed. God reveals, by the witness of the Spirit, the fact of forgiveness,translates the recipient into the kingdom of Christ, and adopts him into the family. He also fills this newly saved one with joy as a result of his deliverance from sin and condemnation, and gives a deep and blessed consciousness of divine favor. But in addition to all this, God introduces into his moral faculties a new vigor, by which he is enabled to hold under control the sinful tendencies which still characterize the essence of the soul, and to defeat the temptations of the devil. New “lamps are hung through his intellect”by which he is enabled to discern the presence of moral evil, and the will of God. God puts new quickness, tenderness and control into the renewed conscience, new intensities into all the good sensibilities, and new energy into the will.

Harmon Allen Baldwin’s Holiness and the Human Element is designed not only to help ministers of the gospel in their work of preparing sermons, but is also intended to give every person assistance in building up a stalwart Christian character and attaining to that perfection without which no man shall see the Lord.  This book discusses the doctrine of entire sanctification, an essential doctrine of the Bible that is often misunderstood and is surrounded by much confusion in the minds of many good people. The perfect salvation that Christ has purchased for the children of men cannot be overlooked without serious loss to the soul.

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