Free Friday! Uniformity with God’s Will

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $4.95, is Uniformity with God’s Will by St. Alphonsus de Ligouri.  Click here to download.

During our sojourn in this world, we should learn from the saints now in heaven, how to love God. The pure and perfect love of God they enjoy there, consists in uniting themselves perfectly to his will. It would be the greatest delight of the seraphs to pile up sand on the seashore or to pull weeds in a garden for all eternity, if they found out such was God’s will. Our Lord himself teaches us to ask to do the will of God on earth as the saints do it in heaven: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Uniformity with God’s Will explains how God is glorified by our resignation to His will even more than by our acts. Taking this approach outlines an easy way to become not only holy but to also enjoy serenity in this life. This is a little book to keep people from despair – it will bring consolation to anyone having trouble accepting his lot in life.

Saint Alphonsus Liguori was born in Marianella, Campania in the Kingdom of Naples in 1696. He was ordained a priest on December 21, 1726, at the age of 30. He lived his first years as a priest with the homeless and marginalized youth of Naples. He founded the “Evening Chapels.” Run by the young people themselves, these chapels were centers of prayer, community, the Word of God, social activities, and education. At the time of his death, there were 72 of these chapels with over 10,000 active participants. His sermons were very effective at converting those who were alienated from their faith.

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