WORDsearch Guest Blog Guidelines

Do you love writing about God’s Word? Have you ever wanted to guest blog? We would love to post your submissions on our blog, so read the guidelines below and get writing!

To keep things simple and consistent, we’ve created some guidelines to help you write your post.

Subject Matter

We’re looking for content that will help those who preach and teach to change lives. It might come in the form of an encouraging word, a devotional, a tip on how to use WORDsearch more effectively, or advice for those in full-time ministry. We’re always open to new suggestions or ideas, so throw one our way!

General Guidelines

  • Your post must be original (you wrote it!) and not have been published elsewhere (unless we have previously discussed exceptions)

  • Keep your submission between 500 and 700 words

  • Please include a photo of yourself and a short bio (under 4 sentences) about yourself

  • Feel free to include a link to your ministry’s website or to your own personal website

  • Remember that we will be editing your post, so don’t be offended if changes are made

  • Be social! Share your post with your facebook friends/fans and your twitter community

  • Have fun!

Just So You Know…

We’re thankful for your heart to bring a valuable contribution to our readers. In the unlikely event that your submission does not meet our guidelines, we reserve the right to forego publishing your post to our site. Additionally, we do not guarantee a written explanation of why a post was declined.

Next Steps

We love guest bloggers and submissions, so if you would like to submit a post or talk about what you could write, feel free to email Katie at katie.cornett@lifeway.com. If you would, please title your subject line Guest Blogging.


  1. Rick Brooks says:

    Happy for the website improvements. I’m hoping the focus now becomes improving the iPad app. It’s the tool I actually use most and have been expecting some major updates there. Keep working :)


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