New: 59-Vol. Sermon Notebook That Functions Like a Commentary

SermonNotebookCommentaries are a great source for gathering sermon material, right? Now, imagine a massive sermon notebook that functions like a commentary. That’s exactly what Dr. Alan Carr has accomplished with this new release, a 59-volume collection titled The Sermon Notebook. This magnificent collection is a bargain at the regular price of $99.95, but, for the next 14 days, you can enjoy our introductory offer of just $69.95Click here to take advantage of this sale now! Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6567.

Dr. Alan Carr’s Remarkable Accomplishment Benefits Your Ministry

I would describe Dr. Alan Carr as a “sermon-making machine.” As pastor of West Lenoir Baptist Church, he has literally preached his way through the Bible. Dr. Carr also teaches Homiletics, Christology and Manuscript Evidence at West Lenoir Baptist School of Ministry.

In The Sermon Notebook, Carr has organized 1,148 sermons that span Genesis through Revelation. These are full-blown sermons with alliterated outlines, supporting Scriptures and practical applications that teach, challenge, convict and inspire.

Fresh Material You’ll Enjoy Preaching and Teaching

Preachers and teachers are always looking for fresh and inspiring material for sermons and lessons. Dr. Carr delivers new ideas and inspiration with every sermon. I was astonished at the quality of his work, and I’m thrilled by the thought of it blessing ministries like yours.

Here’s an Interesting Example of Carr’s Work

This morning I was reading Philippians 4:6-7. You know these verses well. It’s the passage that begins with “Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Have you ever ministered to a worry wart?

Dr. Carr responded to this by writing an optimistic sermon of encouragement on the dangers of worrying. In fact, he suggests the act of worrying can be sinful: “Why is worrying a sin? It displays a lack of faith in the reality of God and in His ability to meet your needs (Romans14:23). Worry calls God a liar; it doubts His ability.”

Carr’s 3-point sermon on worrying is elegant and profound:

  1. A Word About Problems
    A. A Caution to Observe
    B. A Command to Obey
  2. A Word About Prayer
    A. The Act of Prayer
    B. The Atmosphere of Prayer
    C. The Attitude of Prayer
  3. A Word About Promises
    A. God Promises Us His Peace
    B. God Promises Us His Preservation

Dr. Carr Is Adding More Sermons—And You’ll Get Them FREE

The Sermon Notebook covers nearly every book of the Bible. Dr. Carr doesn’t have a sermon on every chapter, but most of them. The good news is that he’s adding to this work all the time. All you have to do is periodically sign into your WORDsearch account and do a “re-unlock.” This brings all your books up-to-date, and any new sermons in The Sermon Notebook will be added to your digital library free of charge.

See a Short Demo Video of The Sermon Notebook - Click Here

I hope you’ll take advantage of this introductory sale price and add The Sermon Notebookto your WORDsearch library today. I promise you’ll be delighted or I’ll happily refund your purchase. Just click here. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6567.


  1. munene nyagah albert says:

    this ministry is a blessing to me and the entire church .may you dwell in most secret place of our God

  2. Dennis Agwanda says:

    Am really moved of how God is using this ministry in amazing way, am inspired to spent time with my God. May God encourage you as the ministry as well as Pastor Alan Carr.
    Please keep me posted on all developments.
    May God of peace be with you as you pray for me to know him better.

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