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On the right side of this email, you’ll see I’ve attached a $20 Savings Coupon. To spend this coupon, simply click on it. Your browser will take you to our online Fall Sale for Preferred Customers. Every once in a while, we put together a special sale and make it available to a select group of WORDsearch users. Today I’d like to invite you to enjoy these special sale prices. CLICK HERE to browse our sales catalog. Apply this electronic Savings Coupon to any order of $40 or more. Or, place your order by phone at 1-800-888-9898 and mention priority code 6787. We’ll apply your coupon for you.

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  1. Mary Huguley says:

    My husband is a pastor and was excited when he purchased his Wordsearch but he says it has never worked as well as the advertisement stated. But, he saw lessonmaker and wanted it. Three days ago we purchased it and was able to load the lessons on his Wordsearch. However, even though we paid by credit card we have yet to be able to download the program and discovered that the program is to be mailed but we have not received any notice of it being shipped. You really should make it known that it cannot be downloaded when purchased and the software is not shipped immediately when purchased.

    • Sorry about the miscommunication, Mary. Your lessonmaker program should get to you soon. (We usually ship the day of the order or the next day). Thanks so much for your patience!

  2. WORDsearch is super awesome. I personally use just WORDsearch without my LESSONmaker. I think there has been a lot more thought into updating WORDsearch than has gone into LESSONmaker. I really do miss the community forums and document uploads though. It was so much fun to share my hard work with others. I think we can still go download books, just can’t upload them.

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