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It’s Free Friday and today’s free download, usually $12.95, is Books that Bless by Bramwell Booth. Click here to download.

“You must go and deal with it yourself. Off with your coat and gloves. Doff your finery. This is not to be done by proxy. You have tried a subscription of half-a-guinea a year to support a sort of isolated sweeper. But this has not done much. Come and sweep yourself. Set up a broom and come along! Set up a broom, did we say? What nonsense we are writing! You must be the broom; put yourself in God’s hands, and He will do some sweeping by you.’A dirty job,’ do you say? Granted; and so I suppose is digging silver, and gold, and diamonds. But men reckon that it pays. Anyhow, this soul-scavenging trade pays; will pay a hundredfold in this life and a millionfold in the life everlasting.”

Books That Bless is a compilation of articles written to encourage the reading of books that will prove to be a blessing and to discourage, if not to hinder, the reading of books which would muddle the thinking of believers. Written during the bustle of a busy life, Bramwell Booth regarded his audience primarily as Salvationists, but the volume will prove to bring up points of consideration for any wishing to take the time required to read the books discussed.

Bramwell Booth (1856-1929) was the first child born to William and Catherine Booth, founders of the Salvation Army. Bramwell began serving in the Salvation Army at the young age of fourteen and, in 1881, General William Booth appointed him as as his Chief of Staff of the Salvation Army. Bramwell served in this capacity until his father’s death, and, at such point, became the second General of the Salvation Army. Bramwell helped the Army navigate the tumultuous years of World War I, worked to bring public awareness to the prostitution of young English girls, and served in multiple other capacities. His competency as General was questioned by some within the ranks, and he was asked to resign in 1929 by the High Council of the Salvation Army. He refused, took the issue to court, and lost. Shortly thereafter, he was “Promoted to Glory.”

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