iOS App Update: Your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks & Annotations Have Been Restored

ios_updateHere is some great news: all your notes & annotations have been restored to the new WORDsearch iOS app! This means all the highlights, bookmarks and notes you made in the original green Classic app have been copied to the newer, more robust blue app.

Give the new app a try
All the major issues with the new app have been addressed and resolved with the restoration of your notes & annotations. Your books now load very quickly, default Bible settings have been resolved, your study windows sync as they should and many other bugs have been resolved.

I’d like to encourage you to begin using the new blue app as the older, green app will no longer be supported in the near future.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve your mobile experience with WORDsearch.

In His Service,

Jim Baird
3006 Longhorn Blvd #110
Austin, TX 78758


  1. Charles W Cornett says:

    This is absolutely the worst app I have on my iPad, iPhone and iPod.

    1. Contrary to what Randy Beck says, my downloads are slower.
    2. My devices are always crashing
    3. What good is an app if I cannot download all my books on it like I could on the old Classic version?
    4. When I open the app the books that are not downloaded are so dim that I cannot even read what the books are. I just have to click on an empty spot and after it downloads then the title turns dark black and then I can see what I downloaded (this is unacceptable)
    5. Downloaded sets of books are not in volume order.
    6. In large commentary’s , every volume is listed separately. Instead of just the the name of the commentary, which just clutters up my library. The Classic commentary had none of the above problems and never crashed and always let me sync my books.
    7. I can just be reading a book and the app will crash

    There are many new books that I would like to download but will not because I will not be able to get them on my devices.

    On the Classic I download all my books to it and never had a problem. This new version of the Wordsearch app , after I download a third of the books then the sync quits working, and it starts crashing continually.

    If you have a good product, why do you replace it with a terrible product

    My account on the web site shows I have 1300 Volumes.

    I Have Logos with more books and never have problems, the Same with Olive Tree and many other Biblle software programs. The only app I have Problems with is the Wordsearch app. I could mention more problems but why waste my time. Nobody is really listening.

    Charles W. Cornett

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