Free Friday! The Second Crisis in Christian Experience

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While in justification a man obtains life, in Sanctification he receives the “life more abundant;” In justification he has “peace with God;” in Sanctification he obtains “the peace of God;” In Justification he obtains the love of God; in Sanctification his love is “made perfect;” In Justification he is made “free” from guilt and condemnation, because he is saved from sin as a practice; in Sanctification he obtains the “deed” to his freedom, with all the mortgages paid off, because he is cleansed and made free from sin as a principle.

It is this complete cleansing and deliverance from original or inbred sin by the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire, that we refer to as the Second Crisis in Christian experience. Seeing it is not obtained at the time of conversion, nor by a gradual development or growth in grace, but by a definite act of consecration and faith as an instantaneous experience subsequent to regeneration, it invariably marks a distinct epoch, or second crisis, in the life of him who obtains it.

The Second Crisis in Christian Experience offers an emphatic and explicit explanation of scriptural holiness. Christian Wismer Ruth was a devout student of the Bible, carrying two Testaments in his pocket, one in German and one in English. In the fall of 1884 Ruth accepted his first invitation to assist a church in a revival campaign. His style of preaching was mostly in the realm of scriptural instruction on second blessing holiness. With his invaluable grasp of the Scriptures he carried his listeners along with him as he turned page after page in the Word, explaining the glorious way of perfect love. Often in his discourse as he read a new verse on the doctrine, he acted as though it became brand new to him. By his various methods of biblical instruction he caused converts to understand the truth and stand clearly in their newly found Christian experience.  Soon this man with the unusual type of ministry became known as one of the best camp meeting Bible expositors. Across America and Canada, churches and camp meeting committees sought for Ruth’s services.

In 1901 Dr. P. F. Bresee, pastor of First Church of the Nazarene, Los Angeles, California, needed an assistant. Not only had the congregation grown to several hundred members, but the new denomination had elected him their first general superintendent. Dr. Bresee, with his official board, asked Rev. C. W. Ruth to join him as associate pastor. After much prayer, arrangements were completed and Ruth at once moved his family from Indianapolis to Los Angeles. He was appointed as assistant general superintendent and was also made associate editor of the paper. Together Bresee and Ruth started what is now Pacific Bible College. Ruth acted as vice president of the college as well as teaching systematic theology and Bible holiness.

Besides the fact that Ruth was a foremost teacher-type evangelist, he was also an outstanding writer on the doctrine of entire sanctification. His articles constantly appeared in holiness journals, for both his pen and pulpit appearances were aglow on the subject. Among his books which have a wide circulation are Entire Sanctification, Bible Readings on the Second Blessing, The Pentecostal Experience, Temptations of the Sanctified and several others.

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