New: The All Series by Herbert Lockyer

the_all_seriesHave you heard about The All Series? It’s a magnificent 10-volume reference tool for preachers and students of the Bible and it’s quite unlike anything else you have in your digital library. This is a new release that has been carefully formatted for use in your WORDsearch library. I think you’ll be amazed by the value it brings to your studies of God’s Word. Our list price for this set is $119.50, but, for a limited time, you can enjoy our introductory sale price of just $99.95Click here to learn more or download this package now. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6839.

Enjoy the Detailed Research of Dr. Herbert Lockyer

Dr. Herbert Lockyer had an interesting idea. Lockyer dreamed of a reference volume that would explore All the Men of the Bible. It turned out that there are over 3,000 men who are mentioned in the Bible. Lockyer covered each one of them in the depth that each deserved, from Aaron to Zurishaddai. But this is more than just an encyclopedia of Bible names. Lockyer went deeper with additional sections covering unnamed men of the Bible, such as:The Hypocrites, the Wise Men, the Rich Young Ruler, the Good Samaritan and so on.

All the Men, Women, Promises, Prophecies and Parables of the Bible, and More!

Dr. Lockyer labored for decades, producing one volume after another with a laser-like focus on everything the Bible has to say about a given subject or theme. This bundle includes:

  • All the Apostles of the Bible
  • All the Prayers of the Bible
  • All the Promises of the Bible
  • All the Parables of the Bible
  • All the Divine Names of the Bible
  • All the Doctrines of the Bible
  • All the Miracles of the Bible
  • All the Men of the Bible
  • All the Women of the Bible
  • All the Messianic Prophecies of the Bible

WORDsearch Makes it Even Better!

You will quickly discover that WORDsearch makes The All Series far more useful and valuable than the author ever intended. Any time you are studying a passage of Scripture that deals with man, woman, apostle, doctrine, divine name, miracle, prophecy, parable, prayer or promise, WORDsearch can instantly assemble the exact information you want from this massive collection of detailed studies. What sermon, lesson or study wouldn’t benefit from thetreasures stored in this collection?

Fascinating Facts That You’ll Love Finding

Did you know the Bible records over 650 definite prayers? And that doesn’t even include the150 Psalms, each of which is a prayer. Furthermore, no fewer than 450 of those prayers have a recorded answer. All this is covered in detail in All the Prayers of the Bible.

In All the Promises of the Bible, you’ll discover the Bible records 7,487 promises that God made to man and 290 promises that man made to God. I find this interesting, and when you get deep into this volume, you will see the reason.

Material That Is Suitable for Preaching & Teaching

Dr. Lockyer was a preacher, and his work shows great respect to those who preach and teach. You’ll notice that he often alliterated chapters because he knew the lessons would be preachable. For example, in the volume All the Miracles of the Bible, Lockyer offers these additional essays:

  • The Definition of the Term “Miracle”
  • The Design of Miracles
  • The Description of Miracles
  • The Doers of Miracles
  • The Distribution of Miracles
  • The Division of Miracles
  • The Disappearance of Miracles
  • The Denial of Miracles
  • The Defense of Miracles

I hope you’ll take advantage of this introductory sale price and add The All Series to your digital library today. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I have or I’ll be happy to refund your purchase. Just click here. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6839.


  1. I just purchased a hard cover copy of 23 volumes the herbert lockyer “All Series” . Will you be adding the additional volumes to this set?

    • kcornett says:

      Hi Chris! I have forwarded your request to our acquisitions editor and will let you know what I find out! Thanks so much for your suggestion.

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