Mac OS Mavericks Issue – Good News!

news_mac_usersIf you’ve recently upgraded your Mac to the new Mavericks operating system, you may have run into some incompatibilities with WORDsearch. Our team has repaired the problem, but in order to apply the repair to your WORDsearch, you will need a new program update link. You can request your upload by contacting us via email at or by calling 1-800-888-9898. You will receive a link along with instructions on how to download the program update.

If you use dual-monitors on your computer please be aware that at the moment the new Mac WS10 on Mavericks is not compatible with being run on a second monitor. If you drag the program over to your second monitor, it will disappear. If you try to restart your program after it disappears, it will start the program up on the second monitor, so you will still not be able to see it. For now, try not to use your second monitor until we can get this fixed. If you do accidentally drag it over, you can fix it b disconnecting the second monitor, running WORDsearch again, and the Mac will force it to run on the visible monitor so you will be able to see it again. Once that’s done, you can reconnect the second monitor.

There is a workaround - If you understand that it is not compatible with dual monitors, but really want to run it on your second monitor under Mavericks, there is a workaround. You can disable “Displays have separate spaces” on the Mission Control pane of System Preferences. When you do this, the behavior of multiple displays goes back to how it was in previous versions of the Mac OS.  That eliminates the problem.

Thank you for your patience with us in getting this problem corrected!


  1. i just say thank you…god bless

  2. ty

  3. “Thank you for your patience with us in getting this problem corrected!” –Well, seven months later it doesn’t look like it will be corrected

    I just received a response from in answer to my question “Will there be an update issued that will eliminate the need to disable the “Displays have separate spaces” option.” Their reply: “No, This is due to Mavericks not WORDsearch.”

    Hopefully a native Mac edition in the near future

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