Uncover the Treasures in 857 Years of Theological Journals!

TheologicalJournalLibraryTheological journals are a tremendous resource for preachers and students of the Bible. Today I’m pleased to announce that WORDsearch has just released a massive archive of theological journals. It’s The Theological Journal Library. Purchased individually (if you could find them all), the price would be in the thousands of dollars. Our list price for this collection is $695.95, but, for a limited time, it’s only $299.95. Just click here to order. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and we’ll be happy to set up 3-easy payments of $100.

Discover the Treasures Found in Theological Journals

On a quarterly or semi-annual basis most seminaries and theological societies produce a 100-200 page book of thoroughly researched and well-written articles. These articles deal with fields of biblical, theological and historical interest. They discuss a wide range of discourse on practical matters, including surveys of contemporary trends in theology and religion, archaeology, ethics, apologetics, studies of Bible texts and topics, reviews of books, magazine articles and much more.

35 Conservative, Evangelical Publishers

Editor Hampton Keathley has spent 19 years assembling this massive collection of theological journals, dating from the 1800s to present. Keathley has carefully selected journals from 35 publishers that tend to support conservative, evangelical views. Printed copies of theological journals are difficult to find, expensive and take up a tremendous amount of shelf space, but, with WORDsearch, you can access the 857 individual journals in this library right on your computer.

WORDsearch Makes It Easy and Fun

With The Theological Journal Library in digital form, searching and cross-referencing to the other tools in your library is a snap. You already know how easy it is to search your library for any biblical text, topic or anything else you can think of. Within seconds, you’ll find every article from every journal that mentions the text or topic in your search.

You’ll be inspired, blessed and challenged by the fascinating range of articles found in The Theological Journal Library. For me, this kind of discovery is what makes it fun.

Sale Priced at Less Than 50¢ a Journal

I hope you’ll take advantage of this introductory sale price on The Theological Journal Libraryand add it to your digital library today. If you’re not delighted I’ll be happy to refund your purchase. Just click here. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6936. If you like, we’ll even set up interest-free easy payments.

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P.S. – See The Theological Journal Library in action! Just click here to view a shortdemonstration video to see how this collection can be used in your WORDsearch library.

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  1. Is it possible to upgrade “the Theological Journal Library” when more theological journals are coming out?

  2. Robert Nowell says:

    Is there an complete listing of the Journals included anywhere?

    • Hi Robert! I have a list and am sending to your email address now. Hope this helps!!!

      • Thank you… I’ll be looking for it. I used the Galaxie web site to compile a Spreadsheet of all their offerings, but that didn’t sync up with the “857” so your list will help!!! Thank you again!

        Jude 24-25

        • I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the list. I Used it and info from the Galaxie website to verify the 857 years. I would like to suggest that a summary of this info be added to the product web page. If it were solely text, it wouldn’t take up much space and it would make it easier for customers to make decisions.

          Thanks again!


  3. Tom Ashley says:

    Could I have a complete listing of the journals included in the Theological Journal Library? Thanks.

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