Bible Tools for $1.99 Each – End of July Sale

end of july, wordsearch bible, saleEvery once in a while we select a few great Bible tools and put them on sale for just $1.99 each. These $1.99 sales are very popular because it’s a great way to build your digital library with the spare change in your pocket. In celebration of the end of July, we’ve selected 30 different volumes from the WORDsearch catalog and put each title on sale for just $1.99 each. None of these titles have ever been priced this low in the past.

When you browse this sellection, you’ll notice that these volumes normally sell for quite a bit more. Regular prices range from $4.95 to $24.95, but, for the next 9 days you can take any of these for just $1.99 each. If you want all 30 books, I’ve combined them into a 30 Volume Take’m All Bundle. JUST CLICK HERE to browse the titles included in this offer.

You’ll Find a Wide Range of Study Tools Offered:

  • 9 Sermon Helps
  • 3 Commentaries
  • 2 Theology Volumes
  • 2 Devotionals
  • 1 Study Notes
  • 6 Literature Books
  • 1 Teaching Helps
  • 1 History/Culture Work
  • 3 Handbooks
  • 2 Dictionary/Encyclopedias

I’d recommend the Bundle. I checked the total value of these 30 books on our website prior to this sale and it turns out to be $459.10 worth of books! Deals like this are one of the benefits of receiving weekly emails from WORDsearch. These titles are available for immediate download, so you can begin using your new books today. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898. Mention special offer 8306.

What Can You Get for $1.99?

If you hurry you can get a great deal! We’ve included books that will help you with Bible study and help you minister to others. You’ll find books that help answer the difficult questions, help you write lessons or sermons, enhance your leadership, and much more. Try just one and you’ll see it’s a great value. Then, come back for more, but remember this special offer will end on August 11. Best of all, $1.99 is it! There’s no shipping or handling because these are direct downloads.

You’ll Never Have to Buy the Same Books Twice

If you already have some of these titles, call us. We’ll quickly tell you what is not yet in your library and make you a custom bundle to save you the most. Call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8306.

In His Service,

Jim Baird

P.S. Remember, you can take all 30 volumes in the 30 Volume Take’m All Bundle. You’ll find more sales, helpful videos and free training on our website. Questions? Call 1-800-888-9898. We love hearing from you!


  1. Carol Boggess says:

    The latest update of WordSearch 10 for MAC is really buggy. Vines does not connect to the Strongs words well at all. A search for “look AND not” in 6 versions of Bible locked up completely when I got to Acts. I had to use Force Quit to close out. Three tries – same result. Something is wrong. This is a powerful and wonderful software package so I hope this gets fixed soon.

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