Free Friday! The Methods of Bible Study


Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $9.95, is The Methods of Bible Study by W.H. Griffith Thomas. Click here to download.

“The Bible is the Word of God, the revelation of His Will to man. It follows that we ought to know this revelation, and heed its message. Knowledge demands study, earnest, faithful, patient, constant, and it is to this subject we address ourselves, with the purpose of suggesting methods of becoming better acquainted with the Sacred Scriptures.”

Just reading the Bible, according to William Henry Griffith Thomas, is not Bible study. Studying is hard work, requiring actual thought for intellectual, moral and spiritual profit. While it might be easier to read books about the Bible, we need to study the Bible for ourselves to gain detailed knowledge of the Scriptures. In The Methods of Bible Study, Thomas suggests certain methods of studying the Bible in order to understand and enjoy the Word of God.

Thomas, born in 1861, published 26 Bible study booklets and 24 books. His advice to young preachers was: “Think yourself empty; read yourself full; write yourself clear; pray yourself clean, and then enter the pulpit and let yourself go.”

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