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Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $14.95, is My Favorite Illustrations by Herschel Hobbs.

God’s Hand Is on Him

Many times I have been asked how I explain Billy Graham’s successful work. I could mention his ability as a preacher, his co-laborers, and the effectiveness of prayerful organization. But my reply is, “God has His hand on him.” That’s the difference between success and failure in the Lord’s work.


Someone said that a kicking mule cannot pull, but a pulling mule does not kick.

A. T. Robertson used to tell his students that the Pharisees could split a hair six ways and still have some hair left. I am convinced some Pharisees still exist.

Victims of Their Own Doing

Some people approach life with an attitude that makes for hard going. They were born in the “objective case” and the “kickative mode.” They always have a chip on their shoulders and dare anyone to knock it off.

Such people may claim, “God made me this way.” Well, I do not agree. Actually, they are victims of their own doing. They never grew out of the “brat” stage of childhood. They are unhappy and make everyone else about them unhappy. These people are sand in the gears of life.

What a World It Would Be

One mind-set says people are to fight for their own rights. People with this mind-set keep books on everything bad ever done to them. Instead of living by Christian love, they live by an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth morality. Such people are their own worst enemies. They make life miserable for themselves and for everyone else. If everyone lived this way, we would live in a jungle of tooth and talon.

My Favorite Illustrations is a compilation of illustrations Dr. Hobbs has used in Studying Adult Life and Work Lessons. Included are anecdotes, quotations and poems.

Dr. Hobbs, one of his church’s leading theologians, was the author of many books, including an autobiography. In it he stated that he was first and foremost a pastor and would remain one if he had 10,000 lives to live. Dr. Herschel Harold Hobbs died in 1995 at the Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma City.

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