Free Friday! Ryrie’s Practical Guide to Communicating Bible Doctrine


Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $10.95, is Ryrie’s Practical Guide to Communicating Bible Doctrine by Charles C. Ryrie.

Sound doctrine is, literally, healthy doctrine; therefore, to learn, teach, and preach doctrine brings spiritual wellness and wholeness to believers. The same word used in 3 John 2 for physical health is used in the pastoral letters for spiritually healthy doctrine (1 Tim. 4:13, 16; 5:17; 2 Tim. 1:13; 4:3;Titus 1:9, 13; 2:1, 7). In light of these verses, who can dare to suggest that doctrine is not practical? Notice also that some of these verses are addressed particularly to Timothy and therefore apply especially to ministers and leaders (1 Tim. 4:13, 16; Titus 2:1, 7).

Some significant and practical ramifications stem from the importance of doctrine. First, realize that everyone has a doctrinal system, even though the individual may not realize or acknowledge this to be true. It may be systematic or unorganized, even sloppy, but we all operate on the basis of some doctrinal scheme. Obviously the “free thinking” atheist and agnostic do, as well as the more structured Calvinist and Arminian. Therefore, the preacher and teacher, professional and layman, need to read theology regardless of his type or place or level of service.

In this concise and compelling handbook, respected evangelical theologian Charles Ryrie writes to Bible students and practicing pastors alike about the importance of communicating the doctrines of Scripture. Clearly, he explains why doctrinal truth from the Bible must be a key part of every preacher’s message.

Using practical illustrations and applications, Ryrie addresses the reasons why so many people neglect doctrine and offers helpful ways of embracing doctrine through the use of major Bible passages, systematic theology, biblical theology, concordances, and more.

Well written and sure to be well worn, Ryrie’s Practical Guide to Communicating Bible Doctrine is a trusted resource that readers will enjoy referring to time and again.

Charles Caldwell Ryrie (A.B. Haverford College; Th.M, Th.D, Dallas Theological seminary; Ph.D.,University of Edinburgh; Litt.D., Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary) is professor-emeritus at Dallas Theological Seminary and Distinguished Professor at Philadelphia College of Bible. He is annotator of the Ryrie Study Bible, Expanded Edition and author of many books, including Balancing the Christian life, Basic Theology, and The Holy Spirit.

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