Quick Tip for WORDsearch 11 – Backup & Restore


With WORDsearch 11, user data can now be safely backed up to the cloud. It’s not only safer and more robust, it makes synchronizing two WORDsearch installations easy.

The Create Backup window is shown below.


The Create Backup settings can be accessed by clicking Options on the menu bar, then Backup.

With WORDsearch 11, you can backup your library safely in the cloud. This will also make synchronizing two WORDsearch installations easy.

First chose which items you would like to be included in the backup, then when you click Next it will create your backup, and you can then select to either backup to the cloud or to your computer’s hard drive.


Then, if you ever need to restore your library, you can go to Options on the menu bar, then Restore. From the Restore Wizard you can restore from the cloud of your computer’s hard drive, wherever you chose to back up your library.


See more about this feature in the video below:


  1. when i try to backup to the cloud on wordsearch 11, i get a message that says “you must be signed in”. I thought i was signed in as I have access to all my library of books. Please help.

    • Hi Lee, in the top right corner of your screen when WORDsearch is open, you should see “Sign In.” If you click on that you can log-in and then should be able to back up to the cloud.

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