Free Friday! Heart Talks to Ministers and Christian Workers

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s featured free download is Heart Talks to Ministers and Christian Workers.

Many preachers fail because, as they say in the West, they are not “good mixers.” They have ability but not adaptability. They are set in their ways of doing things and they think they know just how such things should be done. A preacher enters his new field of labor impressed with this idea. He forgets that there are able and experienced members of his church who have the same ideas—that they know how things should be done and who have behind them to back up their ways of doing many years of experience in environments and conditions that are new to him. In the place of waiting and observing condition: to find out whose ways are better, he attempts to bring his members to his way of thinking and doing; and then there is trouble. If his ways are really better than theirs, he must first get the confidence of his membership and then as a rule they will be ready to follow him in any reasonable changes. Confidence is a plant of slow growth. It must be secured to insure successful leadership.

Heart Talks to Ministers and Christian Workers is a series of “Heart Talks” to Christian Ministers on various pitfalls and struggles in ministry compiled by E.E. Shelhamer. Includes chapters by: H. C. Morrison, Wm. Bramwell, Bishop W. T. Hogue, J. M. Humphrey, Richard Baxter, Adam Clarke, John Wesley, Charles Finney and more.

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