Free Friday! The Law of the Offerings


Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download is The Law of the Offerings by Andrew Jukes.

It is pretty generally known that in the Old Testament there are typical persons, things, times, and actions; but it is not, I believe, so generally known how remarkably these types vary in character, and how beautifully they have been divided and arranged by God Himself under different classes, if I may so speak; each one distinct from the others, and each having something characteristic…

So far from being rough sketches, they are one and all most perfectly finished with a master’s hand: and a tolerable acquaintance with the distinct character of the different books, and of their types, is enough at once to prove this. Christ is indeed the key to them all: He is the key of the Types, and the key to the Bible. Of Him God has given us more than sketches; the Word from end to end is full of Him. 

The Law of the Offerings is considered the standard work on the subject of the Tabernacle offerings and their significance. Andrew Jukes masterfully and clearly explains the offerings and their application to the New Testament believer. Exposition is given in depth of all five Levitical offerings as well as the entire sacrificial system.

Download here.

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  1. Thank you for this free book. I’m sure that the LORD will bless me in my daily studies as I make use of this resource. I have been using your software on my computer for quite a few years now; it is so much more efficient than having many books spread out on my table and switching from one to the other.

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