Free Friday! Encounters with Jesus


Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download is Encounters with Jesus: New Testament Stories in a Contemporary Setting by Martin H. Manser.

“I thought I knew how to catch fish. I thought I knew the best spots to fish in, the best time of day to catch them and how to keep them fresh for the frozen-fish producers. But when this guy Jesus suddenly turned up on the quay one morning as we sailed into harbour, he turned my life upside down.”

Everyone loves a good story. In Encounters with Jesus, Martin H. Manser has re-imagined encounters that Jesus had with 52 men in the New Testament by putting them into contemporary settings as the individual themselves might have retold them.

Feeling that he had become so familiar with the words in the Bible that he was losing the meaning, Manser used his creativity to bridge a connection with the people of the Bible. The settings of the Bible stories may have changed, but human character and the human heart hasn’t–we still face the same basic fears and have the same joys as many people two thousand years ago.

Manser’s ultimate aim in retelling these stories is for us to see ourselves–our own lives–and to allow Jesus to meet with us. As we encounter Jesus, how are we changed? What is our response to Jesus Christ coming to us? Each one of us is different. Will we join him on our own unique adventure of trusting him?

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