Free Friday! Four Psalms

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $9.95, is Four Psalms by George Adam Smith.

But do you summon up the most real things in your life—the duty that is a disgust: the sacrifice for others from which you shrink. Summon up your besetting sin—the temptation which, for all your present peace, you know will be upon you before twenty-four hours are past. Summon up these grim realities of your life,—and in face of them give yourself to God’s will, put your weakness into the keeping of His grace. He is as real as they are, and the act of will by which you give yourself to Him and His Service will be as true and as solid an experience as the many acts of will by which you have so often yielded to them.

Otherwise this beautiful name, this name Shepherd, must remain to you the emptiest of metaphors: this Psalm only a fair song instead of the indestructible experience which both Name and Psalm become to him who gives himself to God.

Four Psalms is a highly personal exposition of Smith’s favorite Psalms: 23, 36, 52 and 121.

Download here.


  1. I really have to say I really love your space, the way you write is awe inspiring!

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