Free Friday! 52 Words Every Christian Should Know

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $4.95, is 52 Words Every Christian Should Know by Kendell Easley.

Glory in the Old Testament usually represents a word meaning heaviness or weight (Hebrewkabod). Not surprisingly therefore, human beings have often recognized God’s glory in weighty or massive appearances: snow-capped mountains, starry skies, roaring oceans, or a splendid house of worship such as Solomon’s temple or a medieval cathedral. God’s majesty or worthiness was particularly revealed when His presence accompanied the Israelites from Egypt. When the cloud rested on Sinai, Moses saw God’s glory (Ex 24:15-18). That glory was also associated with the tabernacle in the wilderness and the Jersualem temple (Ex 40:34-35; 2 Ch 7:1-3). Many Jewish sources used the term shekinah (meaning “that which dwells,” but not found in Hebrew Scripture) to refer especially to the manifested presence of God.

Kendell Easley believes words and their meanings are vital now and have eternal consequences. So he has provided this handy resource that both informs and inspires.

Each of the 52 terms is presented in a two-page study, organized into 8 major biblical categories. All begin with a pertinent citation from the Holman Christian Standard Bible, continue with a concise definition, move on to a brief discussion, and close with thought-provoking questions and a devotional prayer.

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  1. Thank You for all of the book gifts and the discounts that help minister so much. May God bless you.

  2. This would make a very good introduction to theology book. It is laid out well and covers the essential topics.

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