Free Friday! Preaching Evangelistically

Free Book Friday for WORDsearch Bible Software

Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $14.95, is Preaching Evangelistically by Al Fasol, Roy Fish, Steve Gaines, and Ralph Douglas West.

While evangelistic churches should try to be seeker friendly, their priority is to be Savior focused. We should strive to be gracious to those present in a worship service, providing comforts such as good lighting, relaxed seating, and appropriate temperature. But we should never focus on the people who are attending the worship service to the neglect of God. Jesus said that if we will worship and seek Him in spirit and truth, He will in turn seek us to be His worshippers (see John 4:23-24). If people leave a worship service saying, “What a preacher!” “What a sermon!” “What a choir!” or “What a church!” then we have failed. But if they leave a worship service saying, “Hallelujah, what a Savior!” then we have succeeded!

What is the point of preaching? With so many agendas competing for pulpit time these days, it can be easy to forget the exact purpose of our Christian calling—to proclaim God’s salvation through Jesus who died and is now resurrected. Preaching Evangelistically looks at the different elements of gospel preaching and how they are best used to effectively proclaim Jesus. They include: sermon setting, text selection, preparation, preaching with biblical authority, giving an invitation, and “Hiding Behind the Cross As You Preach.” This book also includes three examples of evangelistic sermons from Al Fasol, Ralph Douglas West, and L. R. Scarborough.

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  1. Jim Legendre says:

    Norton is labeling this site as dangerous website and blocking it. I am having to override it. I am sharing this for information purposes.

  2. Robert Kleeman says:

    My download of Preaching Evangelistically still does not work.

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