Free Friday! The Ministry of Intercession

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Happy Friday everyone! Today’s featured free download is The Ministry of Intercession by Andrew Murray.

A fresh sight of what prayer is according to the will of God, of what our prayers can be, through the grace of God, will free us from those feeble defective views, in regard to the absolute necessity of continual prayer, which lie at the root of our failure. As we get an insight into the reasonableness and rightness of this divine appointment, and come under the full conviction of how wonderfully it fits in with God’s love and our own happiness, we shall be freed from the false impression of its being an arbitrary demand. We shall with our whole heart and soul consent to it and rejoice in it, as the one only possible way for the blessing of heaven to come to earth. All thought of task and burden, of self-effort and strain, will pass away in the blessed faith that as simple as breathing is in the healthy natural life, will praying be in the Christian life that is led and filled by the Spirit of God.

Andrew Murray longed for every Christian to understand the reality and glory of the privilege given to God’s children — the privilege of praying and receiving answers. In this unique and practical book, he motivates and instructs believers in the discipline of intercession. He then invites those who want to participate more effectively in the “great work of intercession” to devote ten minutes a day to this discipline for a month.

Download here.


  1. Richard Anderson says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! I am very poor and I use your program to study and write sermons very often!!! I LOVE your Word Search software!!!!! AWESOME!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! 🙂

    • kcornett says:

      Hi Richard, thanks for the kind words! We appreciate you and love that you are able to serve with your sermons using WORDsearch! Have a great day! 🙂

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