Free Friday! Life in the Heights


So that God may answer our prayers, but the answer may come in a quite extraordinary way. We get where we desire to be, but by God’s own path. It might seem as though it would have been better for everybody if Paul had been in Koine and also been perfectly free. Yes, but I am not so sure that we should have had those immortal letters. What a life Paul would have lived had he been free to do whatever he pleased, and to go wherever he liked! It is notorious that when a man is made a bishop his days become so crowded that it is a rare thing for him to produce his greatest books! And who knows but that if this great Apostle had had more temporary freedom we might have had less permanent fruit. Sometimes the Lord permits our seclusion in order that we may do a larger work. His merciful sight has long range, and that is why our immediate circumstances are often so contradictory to our aspiration and prayer. The Lord looks beyond the temporary bondage to the ultimate freedom.

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $9.95, is  Life in the Heights by John Henry Jowett.

In Life in Heights, Jowett provides his readers with a short text from Scripture and an accompanying exposition. In Jowett’s usual encouraging style, he exhorts believers to walk by faith, keep their eyes on things unseen and to fight the good fight. Over 60 entries will provide believers with godly thoughts to begin or end their day.

Download here.


  1. Great! Thank you!

  2. Not working for me. Clicking download does not provide the book.

  3. The link goes to the wrong book, “Thy Will Be Done”, by Andrew Murray. WHile it is free, it is not “Life in Heights” by John Henry Jowett.

    • Hi Kevin, the link is updated every week with a new book. Free Friday only lasts for a few days and then is taken down and not updated again until the next Friday. Thanks!

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