Free Friday! Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $12.95, is Studies in the Sermon on the Mount. Click here to download.

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount includes Oswald Chamber’s treatment of Christ’s great discourse. Referring to the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke, the author considers the words of Christ and how the power of the Spirit enables a believer to live those words out.

About the Author
Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) was a prominent Scottish minister and teacher. While studying at University, Chambers felt called to enter the ministry, and, in 1911, he founded the Bible Training College in Clapham in London. Shortly thereafter, Chambers applied to become a YMCA chaplain in hopes of serving the wounded soldiers of World War I. Accepted as a chaplain, he ministered to Australian and New Zealand troops in Egypt until his death in 1917 of appendicitis.

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