Free Friday! Ancient Wisdom

Free Book Friday for Bible Software

Seek after God’s wisdom alone, because it’s absolutely essential to life. I like to define wisdom this way: Wisdom is the best choice with the best result in every situation. If we build within our heart a passion for wisdom, a hunger and thirst for godly perspective and understanding, we will become increasingly wise—not because we’re so smart, but because we’re acting as God wants us to…Get wisdom. “Whatever else you get,” make sure this pursuit comes first, learning from God, learning from wise followers of Christ, learning and putting God’s wisdom into practice.

Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $14.95, is Ancient Wisdom by James MacDonald.

What if your questions already had answers? The truth is right here, ready for you to bring your modern-day struggles to an ancient well of wisdom – God’s wisdom. This rare combination of direct highly practical devotional readings gives you the opportunity to see your marriage and family; your work and money–your whole life against a rich backdrop of purpose, perspective, and hope. Both old and new, this book is sure to be a trusted companion on your way to a stronger, healthier, more meaningful life.

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