New Release: Halley’s Bible Handbook – New Insight and Understanding for Every Bible Passage

HalleyBHThis 25th edition of Halley’s Bible Handbook Deluxe Edition might be the best $20 you ever invest in your digital Bible study library. It’s a volume I want open every time I study any passage of Scripture because it offers so much valuable information. Halley never fails to deepen my understanding in a personal and visual way, which I find easy to teach and share with others. Click here to learn more or download this powerful tool now. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6854.

Halley’s Bible Handbook Deluxe Edition – 90 Years of Improvements

When Dr. Henry H. Halley first published Halley’s Bible Handbook in 1924 it was just 16 pages. Halley spent his life revising and adding to his handbook with the most up-to-date information unearthed by scholars and archaeologists. Additions to Halley’s Bible Handbookhas continued ever since and today’s 25th edition of this masterful work contains 1,136 pages of wisdom, insight and inspiration.

Colorful Graphics That Bring Scriptures to Life!

My studies of God’s Word are always deepened when I can visually picture the people, places and events I’m reading about. Halley does a wonderful job of making my Bible study a graphic experience. You will find this tool is packed with beautiful photography, illustrations, charts, tables and interesting artifacts from the Holy Land.



Halley Answers Questions Before You Ask

When I’m reading my Bible I’m always pausing to ask questions about the text. Question like, “Why did God make humans so they could sin?” or “Where was the Garden of Eden?” Halley does a marvelous job of anticipating these questions, and not only asks them before I do, but gives me detailed and often illustrated answers. If you’re a curious student of God’s Word, you’ll appreciate this feature.

WORDsearch Takes Halley’s to the Next Level

Dr. Halley could never have dreamed how powerful his handbook could be some day in a digital format. WORDsearch makes this handbook so interactive with every Bible passage and topic, what used to be the drudgery of research is now exciting and fun. Open Halley’s Bible Handbook alongside any Bible or other research tool and you’ll be lost in new discovery.Halley’s is hard to walk away from.


Over 1 Million Handbooks in Print

Halley’s Bible Handbook has stood the test of time, and today it’s better than ever before, especially when used in WORDsearch. I’d like to invite you to take a few moments to download this valuable resource to your digital library. I know you’ll be delighted. Just click here. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6854.

Breakthrough Tool for Grasping God’s Word – Plus More News

GraspingGWGrasping God’s Word is a proven textbook being used in Bible colleges all across the country, and it has just been released for your digital library. Grasping in this context means taking an intelligent, systematic and spiritually sensitive approach to properly interpreting the Holy Scriptures. Grasping God’s Word will help you do exactly that. It gives you all the tools you need to grasp the Word of God, just like the title promises. The regular price for this volume is $31.99, but, for the next 14 days it’s just $19.95Click here to order yours now. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6860.

Making Sense of the Strange and Bizarre
It has been said that the Bible is a book of bizarre events and strange mysteries. We find angels and demons, giants and dragons, seven-headed beasts rising from the sea and human-faced locusts coming out of the abyss. We find floods, fire and brimstone. The mighty river Nile turns blood red. A powerful wind rolls back the sea and an entire nation walks through on dry land. Iron ax-heads float and dead people come back to life. This is strange stuff indeed! Grasping God’s Word will help you make sense of it all.

The Proper Ways to Approach Scripture
Authors Dr. J.Scott Duvall and Dr. J. Daniel Hays are professors of Old and New Testament at Ouachita Baptist University. I was astonished at how thoroughly they cover the subject of interpreting and applying Scripture. You’ll learn how to:

  • Handle verbs (where the action is), both active verbs and passive verbs
  • Recognize repetition of words
  • Understand context in the Word
  • Identify contrasts, comparisons, conjunctions and pronouns
  • Interpret figures of speech
  • Apply what you learn in a practical way
  • And much more!

Grasping God’s Word contains many visual aids to help you identify key words to study and other helpful techniques. You’ll even find recommended assignments to put what you learn into practice. Take advantage of this 14-day introductory sale and add Grasping God’s Word to your digital library today. Just click here.

8 More Packages Added to Our “Pastor Appreciation Sale”
I thought you’d like to know we’ve added 8 additional packages to our October Pastor Appreciation Sale. Through the month of October we’re honoring pastors with a special pastor appreciation page. You’ll find some great resources made to help pastors and their ministries. We’ve reduced the prices dramatically, and about half of these items are FREE. Just take them with our appreciation. Even if you’re not a pastor, you’re invited to take part in ourPastor Appreciation SaleJust click here to browse the selection. We just added 8 new items today.

John Butler’s Analytical Bible Expositor 
John Butler has completed his highly acclaimed commentary set, The Analytical Bible Expositor. The final 3 volumes to complete this set are:Psalms, Isaiah – Ezekiel and Daniel – Malachi. If you’ve been collecting volumes in this Butler commentary, each of the volumes in this set are on sale for just 12.95 each (Reg. $24.95). This includes the 3 new releases. We’ve also put the entire 20-vol. set on sale for just $179.95. Call us to arrange 3 easy payments of $60Click here for details or call 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6846. But hurry. This sale ends Monday.

I hope you’ll take advantage of these specials before they expire. Remember, you can always phone in your order by calling 1-800-888-9898. We’ll be happy to help you or help build a custom bundle that will save you even more. Mention special offer 6860.

3 New Vols. Complete John Butler’s Bible Commentary – Sale!

analytical_bib_expHere’s some wonderful news: John Butler has just completed his highly acclaimed commentary set, The Analytical Bible Expositor. The final 3 volumes to complete this set were just released today:

If you’ve been collecting volumes in this Butler commentary, for a limited time each of these new volumes are on sale for just 12.95 each (Reg. $24.95). In fact, every volume in TheAnalytical Bible Expositor is currently on sale for just $12.95. We’ve also put the entire 20-vol. set on sale for just $179.95, or call us to arrange 3 easy payment of $60Click here for details. You can also view a short demo-video. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 (mention special offer 6846).

The Analytical Bible Expositor – Loved by Preachers, Teachers & Students

If you’re familiar with the work of John G. Butler, you know he is the master of alliteration.Butler alliterates everything. Even his tables of contents are alliterated! Butler’s Analytical Bible Expositor takes each book of the Bible, one chapter at a time, and distills each passage into outlined, essential lessons that are ideal for preaching and teaching. And, of course, it’s all beautifully alliterated. Read just one page of Butler’s commentary and you’ll literally hear your own voice sharing it with others.

FOR EXAMPLE, Butler divides the prodigal son story into eight parts:

  • The Demand of the Son
  • The Departure of the Son
  • The Degradation of the Son
  • The Destitution of the Son
  • The Deliberations of the Son
  • The Deliverance of the Son
  • The Delight in the Son
  • The Disgruntlement about the Son

See what I mean? Plus, you’ll find Butler will further break down each lesson, all the while analyzing, outlining and digging deeper truths from the text with alliteration that reads like poetry.

The Entire Bible Is Now Complete!

With the completion of these final 3 volumes, The Analytical Bible Expositor commentary now covers every book of your Old and New Testament Bible. Each of the 20 volumes is available individually and on sale for a limited time for $12.95 a book. Or, you can really save by taking the Analytical Bible Expositor Bundle for just $179.95.

For complete details on any book, just click here. You’ll find samples of this work and even a short demonstration video. Or, call us to build a custom bundle of just the books you need. Call 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6846.

“I would be thrilled to express my gratitude for Bro. Butler’s work. He is Scriptural, Simple, and Succinct in all his books. His expositions have excellence of truth and express thoughtful consideration of the text. Most of all they are as practical as they are powerful. If you are unable to use Bro. Butler’s materials, you need to go back to your prayer closet and repent of your hardheartedness.”
- Don Smith, Pastor of Algoma Baptist Church, Algoma Mississippi

“John Butler has a God-given talent for Scripture outlining and alliteration. His clear writing style and ability to uncover biblicaltruth is superb. Every page is literally packed with illustrations that are easy to teach and preach.”
- Terry Van Someren, Publisher of The Complete Biblical Library

New: The All Series by Herbert Lockyer

the_all_seriesHave you heard about The All Series? It’s a magnificent 10-volume reference tool for preachers and students of the Bible and it’s quite unlike anything else you have in your digital library. This is a new release that has been carefully formatted for use in your WORDsearch library. I think you’ll be amazed by the value it brings to your studies of God’s Word. Our list price for this set is $119.50, but, for a limited time, you can enjoy our introductory sale price of just $99.95Click here to learn more or download this package now. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6839.

Enjoy the Detailed Research of Dr. Herbert Lockyer

Dr. Herbert Lockyer had an interesting idea. Lockyer dreamed of a reference volume that would explore All the Men of the Bible. It turned out that there are over 3,000 men who are mentioned in the Bible. Lockyer covered each one of them in the depth that each deserved, from Aaron to Zurishaddai. But this is more than just an encyclopedia of Bible names. Lockyer went deeper with additional sections covering unnamed men of the Bible, such as:The Hypocrites, the Wise Men, the Rich Young Ruler, the Good Samaritan and so on.

All the Men, Women, Promises, Prophecies and Parables of the Bible, and More!

Dr. Lockyer labored for decades, producing one volume after another with a laser-like focus on everything the Bible has to say about a given subject or theme. This bundle includes:

  • All the Apostles of the Bible
  • All the Prayers of the Bible
  • All the Promises of the Bible
  • All the Parables of the Bible
  • All the Divine Names of the Bible
  • All the Doctrines of the Bible
  • All the Miracles of the Bible
  • All the Men of the Bible
  • All the Women of the Bible
  • All the Messianic Prophecies of the Bible

WORDsearch Makes it Even Better!

You will quickly discover that WORDsearch makes The All Series far more useful and valuable than the author ever intended. Any time you are studying a passage of Scripture that deals with man, woman, apostle, doctrine, divine name, miracle, prophecy, parable, prayer or promise, WORDsearch can instantly assemble the exact information you want from this massive collection of detailed studies. What sermon, lesson or study wouldn’t benefit from thetreasures stored in this collection?

Fascinating Facts That You’ll Love Finding

Did you know the Bible records over 650 definite prayers? And that doesn’t even include the150 Psalms, each of which is a prayer. Furthermore, no fewer than 450 of those prayers have a recorded answer. All this is covered in detail in All the Prayers of the Bible.

In All the Promises of the Bible, you’ll discover the Bible records 7,487 promises that God made to man and 290 promises that man made to God. I find this interesting, and when you get deep into this volume, you will see the reason.

Material That Is Suitable for Preaching & Teaching

Dr. Lockyer was a preacher, and his work shows great respect to those who preach and teach. You’ll notice that he often alliterated chapters because he knew the lessons would be preachable. For example, in the volume All the Miracles of the Bible, Lockyer offers these additional essays:

  • The Definition of the Term “Miracle”
  • The Design of Miracles
  • The Description of Miracles
  • The Doers of Miracles
  • The Distribution of Miracles
  • The Division of Miracles
  • The Disappearance of Miracles
  • The Denial of Miracles
  • The Defense of Miracles

I hope you’ll take advantage of this introductory sale price and add The All Series to your digital library today. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I have or I’ll be happy to refund your purchase. Just click here. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6839.

Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month – Great deals – Free Stuff – More News

gromackiBndlThis week’s featured product is a delightful and affordable 7-volume commentary for anyone building a digital study library. It’s The Gromacki Commentary Collection. Dr. Robert Gromacki is both a professor of Bible & Greek and a pastor in Ohio. The first thing you’ll notice about Gromacki’s commentaries is that these books were designed to help you teach and preach the Word of God to others. Each book is divided into 13 chapters, making them ideal for weekly studies in Sunday school or small groups. Dr. Gromacki digs deep into the Bible text and unveils straightforward truths that are easy to understand, apply and share. Technical matters are not overlooked, but are found in the footnotes, which WORDsearch makes easy to browse.

This set covers the books of: 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, Colossians & Philemon, 1 Timothy and Hebrews. Best of all, this bundle is on sale throughout the month of October for just $39.95 (Reg. $104.65). Click here to add The Gromacki Commentary Collection to your digital library now. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6843.

Pastor&GuyDuoOctober is “Pastor Appreciation Month” and WORDsearch Appreciates Pastors!

Pastors and preachers make up a large portion of WORDsearchcustomers. We don’t take lightly the divine call on the lives of pastors and the sacrifices they make for others every day. Pastors deserve a month of appreciation. It’s in this spirit of gratitude we’ve set up a special pastor appreciation page with excellent tools that will benefit pastors and their ministries. You’ll see we’ve reduced the prices dramatically, and about half of these items are FREE. Just take them with our appreciation. Even if you’re not a pastor, you’re invited to take part in our Pastor Appreciation SaleJust click here to browse the selection.

Discover The All Series – Just Released This Week

the_all_seriesThe response has been tremendous to our recent release of Dr. Herbert Lockyer’s 10-vol. set, The All Series. Lockyer spent decades researching and writing everything you’d want to know about All the Promises of the Bible, All the Prayers of the Bible, All the Prophecies of the Bible, plus all the menwomen,parablesmiraclesdoctrines and more. WORDsearchmakes it even better by instantly searching this library for any Bible passage or topic you happen to be studying. Take advantage of our Introductory Sale on The All Series BundleClick here for details, or call 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6843.

Please, take advantage of these specials before they expire. Remember, you can always phone in your order by calling 1-800-888-9898. We’ll be happy to help you or help build a custom bundle that will save you even more. Mention special offer 6843.

iOS App Update: Your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks & Annotations Have Been Restored

ios_updateHere is some great news: all your notes & annotations have been restored to the new WORDsearch iOS app! This means all the highlights, bookmarks and notes you made in the original green Classic app have been copied to the newer, more robust blue app.

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