Staff Pick – NIV Application Commentary


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Wondering what to read next? With the thousands of books on the WORDsearch site, it can be tough to decide on what book to add to your library. But we’re here to help! Today’s Staff Pick highlights one of our employee’s favorite book sets. And don’t miss the special discount, plus an excerpt of the commentary on John, at the end of this post just for stopping by!

Recently, I started doing a study in the book of John in chapter 4, the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. I decided to look into the NIV Application Commentary, because a WORDsearch customer highly recommended it to me. I have to say that I do not usually reference the NIV for any of my studies or readings, so I was a little bit skeptical of what I would find. The depth and clarity of the NIV Application Commentary suprised me. I really like the way the commentary is laid out. It has an “Original Meaning” section, a “Bridging Context” section, and a “Contemporary Significance” section.

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Read More – Does God Care About Justice?


Throughout its history, the ability of the church to practice justice has determined whether the values of God advance or decline. When Christians are practicing justice, they show that God is loving and powerful to work against some of the strongest forces of hate in the world. When the church is weak, complacent or engaging in injustice, God is made to look more like a personal crutch for the weak and the immoral. And who can blame the world for this perception? The church is suspect when some preachers tell us to expect new living room furniture from God but say nothing about God caring or doing anything about little children starving or being shot to death in various parts of the world. If the church is to regain a powerful hearing, then it must hear the cry of justice from the Scriptures.

Have you ever thought about how the Bible was written by people who were experiencing oppression? It might seem obvious, but is also something we can easily miss. The good news is that the Bible is also the story of the physical and spiritual salvation from that oppression.

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Free Friday! Alliterated Sermon Outlines


Happy Friday everyone! Today’s featured free download is Alliterated Sermon Outlines by John G. Butler.

It may surprise some that the Bible does have some good illustrations of alliteration and other literary devices which give a preacher a good precedence for alliterating his sermon. These biblical illustrations of alliteration are, however, often lost in our English translations; for what alliterates in one language will not always alliterate in another language.

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Guest Post – The Seminary Student’s Essential Tool For the Digital Age


It’s not hard for a seminary student to get buried under a mound of books when doing research. Under these circumstances, finding the right resource in the stack of books can be more difficult than writing the paper itself! What is the remedy for this common conundrum? WORDsearch Bible Software.

WORDsearch organizes all your textbooks and resources into an easily accessible personal library. That means no more sorting and searching through book after book. With WORDsearch, you can simply filter the library to show only the books you actually need. What’s even more helpful is that you can search the contents of the book, depending on what topic you are researching. Switching between resources on WORDsearch is streamlined to maximize the time you spend doing research.

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Free Friday! Absolute Surrender


Happy Friday everyone! Today’s featured free download is Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray.

You know in daily life what absolute surrender is. You know that everything has to be given up to its special, definite object and service. I have a pen in my pocket, and that pen is absolutely surrendered to the one work of writing, and that pen must be absolutely surrendered to my hand if I am to write properly with it. If another holds it partly, I cannot write properly… And now, do you expect that in your immortal being, in the divine nature that you have received…, God can work His work, every day and every hour, unless you are entirely given up to Him? God cannot. The Temple of Solomon was absolutely surrendered to God when it was dedicated to Him. And every one of us is a temple of God, in which God will dwell and work mightily on one condition — absolute surrender to Him. God claims it, God is worthy of it, and without it God cannot work His blessed work in us. God not only claims it, but God will work it Himself.

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Quick Tip – Text Size

quick_tips_fbToday’s Quick Tip is another simple, but extremely helpful tip for using WORDsearch. Did you know that you can change the text size in your books? By following these steps you can set up how your text size is displayed in the Library.  

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