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Hi everyone! This week on Free Friday, head over to the Daily Deal Sale to download 4 free books. Thanks so much and have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Staff Pick – Wells Bible Atlas


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Wondering what to read next? With the thousands of books on the WORDsearch site, it can be tough to decide on what book to add to your library. But we’re here to help! Today’s Staff Pick highlights one of our employee’s favorite books. And don’t miss the special discount at the end of this post just for stopping by!

I have always loved trivia. Sometimes the right bit of knowledge makes me feel just a tiny bit better about life. For instance, a Jewish friend of mine once showed me that when you see a capital U inside of a capital O on food packaging, that signifies that the food is certified Kosher. The O and the U stand for Orthodox Union, the largest Kosher certification agency in the world.

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Guest Post: Quick Tip – In-Depth Topical Searching with Sets


Be sure and read our previous posts in this series: Quick Tip – How to Find Sets in Your Library & Quick Tip – How to Create Your Own Set.

Sets are a wonderful way to manage books with many volumes. There are multiple tools in WORDsearch to help you find the topics that you are interested in studying, but there can be a limitation if you have set names that are too high level to permit finding everything you might be interested in.

Let’s suppose you want to start a new study on the book of Romans. One of the first things you are likely to want to do is to find out how many volumes you own that will provide resources for your study.

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Saturday Roundup


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Free Friday! The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority


Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $19.95 is The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority by Adrian Rogers.

Ours is a supernatural faith built around three personal miracles. Our faith commences with a miracle. We come into the kingdom by a miraculous new birth (John 3:3). Our salvation concludeswith a miracle. At our Lord’s coming we will be made like him (1 John 3:2). What a transformation! But there is the continuing middle miracle that many seem to miss. This miracle is that we can reign in life right now with Kingdom Authority.

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Quick Tip for myWSB – Annotations


This is a Quick Tip for myWSB.

Annotations allow you to add and edit highlights, bookmark, and notes to books and resources.

To insert a Highlight, Bookmark, Note, or to Copy Link, highlight the desired section of text in the open resource and select the desired option from the UI (User Interface) Ribbon at the bottom of resource pane.

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