50 Great Tools for Your Digital Library- Each Priced at $1.99

199Here’s a great way to build your digital library with the spare change in your pocket. We’ve selected 50 different volumes from the WORDsearch catalog and put them on sale for just $1.99 each. Normally these books sell for a lot more, but for the next 14 days you can take any of these for just $1.99 each. If you want all 50 books, I’ve combined them into a 50 Books for 50 Bucks BundleJUST CLICK HERE to browse the titles included in this offer.

You’ll Find a Wide Range of Study Tools Offered:

  • 3 Bibles
  • 9 Sermon Helps
  • 2 Commentaries
  • 8 Theology Volumes
  • 4 Study Helps
  • 3 History & Culture Works
  • 3 Study Notes
  • 11 Literature Books
  • 2 Topical Works
  • 3 Devotionals
  • 1 Handbook
  • 1 Dictionary/Encyclopedia

I’d recommend the Bundle. I checked the total value of these 50 books on our website prior to this sale and it turns out to be $851.08 worth of books! Deals like this are one of the benefits of receiving weekly emails from WORDsearch. These titles are available for immediate download, so you can begin using your new books today. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898. Mention special offer 8033.

What Can You Get for $1.99?

If you hurry you can get a great deal! We’ve included books that will help you with Bible study and help you minister to others. You’ll find books that help answer the difficult questions, start meetings, write lessons or sermons and much more. Try just one and you’ll see it’s a great value. Then, come back for more, but remember this special offer will end on Feb. 24. Best of all, $1.99 is it! There’s no shipping or handling because these are direct downloads.

You’ll Never Have to Buy the Same Books Twice
If you already have some of these titles, call us. We’ll quickly tell you what is not yet in your library and make you a custom bundle to save you the most. Call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8033.

In His Service,

Jim Baird
3006 Longhorn Blvd #110
Austin, TX 78758

P.S. Remember, you can take all 50 volumes in the 50 Books for 50 Bucks Bundle.You’ll find more sales, helpful videos and free training on our website. Questions? Call 1-800-888-9898. We love hearing from you!

Free Friday! The Education of Christ

EducationOfChristHappy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $14.95, is The Education of Christ by William Mitchell Ramsay. Click here to download.

As one reads the biography of Jesus, one cannot fail to be struck with the effect that seems to have been exercised on His mind and nature by the wide prospect from a lofty elevation. Try to cut out the mountain scenes from His life. How much poorer would the Gospels be. It was on a mountain at dawn of day that He chose from among His disciples twelve, whom also He named Apostles, “that He might send them forth to preach and to have authority .”

The Education of the Christ is based on the Murtle Lecture given by Sir William Ramsay at the University of Aberdeen, on February 2, 1902. This book looks at how Jesus Christ was impacted by the geographical and cultural ramifications of the areas in which He lived.

Sir William Mitchell Ramsay was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1851, the youngest son of a third-generation lawyer. His father died when he was six years old but with the help of his older brother and maternal uncle they made it possible for him to have a superior education. He studied at the University of Aberdeen, where he achieved high distinction and later became Professor of Humanity. He won a scholarship to St. John’s College, Oxford, where he obtained a first class in classical moderations (1874) and in literae humaniores (1876). He also studied Sanskrit at Göttingen.

In 1880 Ramsay received an Oxford studentship for travel and research in Greece. At Smyrna, he met Sir C. W. Wilson, then British consul-general in Anatolia, who advised him on inland areas suitable for exploration. Ramsay and Wilson made two long journeys during 1881-1882. He traveled widely in Asia Minor and rapidly became the recognized authority on all matters relating to the districts associated with St Paul’s missionary journeys and on Christianity in the early Roman Empire. Greece and Turkey remained the focus of Ramsay’s research for the remainder of his academic career. He was known for his expertise in the historic geography and topography of Asia Minor and of its political, social, cultural, and religious history.

From 1880 onwards he received the honorary degrees of D.C.L. Oxford, LL.D. St Andrews and Glasgow, and D.D. Edinburgh. He was Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, in 1882. From 1885 to 1886 Ramsay was the first Professor of Classical Archaeology at Oxford University and pioneered the study of antiquity in what is today western Turkey. In 1886 Ramsay was appointed Regius Professor of Humanity at the University of Aberdeen. In 1906, Ramsay was knighted for his scholarly achievements on the 400th anniversary of the founding of the University of Aberdeen. He was elected a member of learned societies in Europe and America and was awarded medals by the Royal Geographical Society and the University of Pennsylvania. He remained affiliated with Aberdeen until his retirement in 1911. Ramsey passed away in Glasgow in the spring of 1939.

After you have read the book, we would love to hear what you thought in the Customer Reviews box on the bottom of the book’s page. Have you read anything that has inspired you lately? Let us know!

New: An Affordable Full-Bible Commentary for Preachers, Teachers and Students

layman12Don’t be misled by the title of the Layman’s Bible Commentary, our latest release for your digital library. I might have titled this The Bible Commentary for Everyone. Even if you are a preacher, teacher or student using advanced Bible study tools, you are going to be surprised by how helpful the Layman’s Bible Commentary will be in aiding your study of God’s Word. This 12-volume commentary on the entire Bible is easily worth the regular price of $99.95, but, for a limited time, it’s a steal at just $39.95Click here to learn more or download this package now. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8023.

An Easy-To-Read, Straightforward Commentary That Will Surprise You

The Layman’s Bible Commentary was authored by 8 evangelical theologians and Bible scholars who desired to bring understanding and clarity to every passage of the Bible. This commentary does not dwell on linguistic details, or shy away from giving clear explanations of how difficult words have been translated. As I read through each of these volumes, I was impressed by the crisp research and new nuggets of truth revealed, truth I want to share with others.

An Elegant Way to Dispense Knowledge and Understanding

This morning, I was studying the story of Noah in Genesis 6. Immediately, I learned something new as the commentary section opened with this statement:

Genesis 6 begins by naming two groups: the sons of God and the daughters of men. Many view this as a way of describing the descendants of Cain and the descendants of Seth (4:1-25). The assumption, then, is that the descendants of Seth are God-following people, while the descendants of Cain are not. If this is the case, then the events described in verses 1-2 represent a mingling of the godly with the ungodly, and thus a watering down of righteousness on the earth.

Demystifying Each Book

Throughout each commentary, you’ll find highlighted sections: Demystifying Genesis, Demystifying Exodus, etc. Here’s a sample I found in my study of Noah:

Demystifying Genesis
How could Noah’s ark potentially hold over a billion species of animals (6:19-21)? Keep in mind that the modern concept of species is not the same as a “kind” in the Bible. There were probably only several hundred different kinds of land animals that would have to be taken into the ark. The sea animals stayed in the sea, and many species could have survived in egg form. Also, Noah could have taken younger varieties of some larger animals. And finally, the ark was a huge structure—the size of a modern ocean liner three stories high.

Critical Observations

You’ll also find that the Layman’s Bible Commentary often pauses to offer sections called Critical Observations. Here’s a sample from the Noah story:

God attaches significance to the rainbow as a sign of His covenant, though there may have been rainbows before this pronouncement. The Hebrew word for rainbow is also the word for a battle bow. The point seems to be that the bow is now put away, hung in place by the clouds, suggesting that the storm is over. As a result, whenever clouds appear over the earth and a rainbow appears, God will remember His covenant, while the rainbow reminds His people of the same thing.

Take It Home

Each chapter concludes with an exhortation called Take It Home. This is a practical way of applying what has been learned in the commentary. Here’s a sample:

Noah’s story reminds us that it is possible to be right with God, even when surrounded by wickedness. We can stand as Noah did, righteous and blameless among our contemporaries. It just requires that we listen to God’s voice and do what He says.

For less than $40, I can’t imagine a better value than the Layman’s Bible Commentary to help you with insight for preaching, teaching and personal study. Take advantage of thisintroductory sale price and add this excellent commentary to your digital library today. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I have or I’ll be happy to refund your purchase. Just click here. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8023.

In His Service,

Jim Baird
3006 Longhorn Blvd #110
Austin, TX 78758

P.S. – For other sales, specials and current news, feel free to visit our website.

A New Release to Deepen Your NT Knowledge

blombergWORDsearch has just released a new, 2-volume survey of the New Testament by distinguished professor and scholar Dr. Craig Blomberg. These survey volumes are used as textbooks in seminaries and Bible colleges around the world. Volume 1,  Jesus and the Gospels 2nd Edition covers the first 4 books of the NT. Volume 2, From Pentecost to Patmos covers the remaining books of the NT. For the next 14 days, each of these volumes is half-priced at just $19.95. Or, you can save even more by taking both volumes in The Blomberg NT Survey Bundle for only $29.95. Click here for details, or call us at 1-800-888-9898. Mention special offer 8018.

Here’s What Dr. Blomberg’s NT Survey Will Do for You:

Blomberg’s comments for each book of the NT begin with introductory considerations. He builds on this with an abbreviated commentary on the most central, interesting, relevant and/or controversial details of the book. Finally, passage-by-passage (and at times even verse-by-verse) he comments with footnotes to where specific concepts originate or to where extended discussion of issues may be found. You’ll also find brief remarks with respect to the contemporary application of each book and a selective bibliography of works for further study. The result is that you’ll come to better understand first-century Christianity and the literature it produced that came to be sacred Scripture. This will give you a more complete appreciation of our Lord Jesus Christ. Click here for more details.

TIP: Remember to “Check for Book Updates”

Here’s a handy reminder tip to check for the free updates for your digital library. When you are running WORDsearch, simply click on the Help menu, and then select Check for Book Updates. WORDsearch will then see if any of the books you own have been updated. Authors often improve their books by adding new chapters, sermons, outlines and updated information. If any of your books have been updated, you’ll have the option of updating your books to the corrected, improved edition. The next time you’re in WORDsearch, remember this tip and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Save the Date: March 18-19
WORDsearch Spring Training Conference
Nashville, Tennessee

Make plans now to join us in Nashville for 2 days of fun, inspiration and expert Bible software training. You can choose to attend Basic or Advancedtraining sessions. In the past, we’ve charged up to $175 for these events, but this conference is practically free. Here’s why: Your registration fee is just $40, and as soon as you arrive, you’ll receive a $40 voucher to spend on any of our conference specials. You’ll find some great specials at the conference, specials we don’t offer anywhere else.Click here for details, and get registered while seats are still available.Nashville is a great town to visit. Come for the training and you’ll be blessed by the fun and fellowship.

Illustrated Bible Survey - Half-Price Sale Ends Tonight!

Today is the final day for our half-price sale on theIllustrated Bible SurveyClick here for details. This 1-volume survey covers the entire Bible and contains helpful outlines, introductions, key facts and study questions for every book. You’ll find additional articles such as: History Between the Testaments,How We Got the Bible, How to Read the BibleHow to Interpret the Bible, plus How to Apply It and How It Shapes Our WorldviewClick here to add theIllustrated Bible Survey to your digital library today at half-price, just $24.95. Or, call 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8018.

The Butler Biography Bundle - Sale Ends Tuesday

Only 5 days remain in our sale of the Butler Biography Series. Discover the amazing work ofJohn Butler. His 27-volume commentary is on sale now for our lowest price ever. Each volume directs an intense focus on a Bible character like David, Abraham, Samson and Paul, covering every verse of each character. John Butler has a gift for outstanding outlines, compelling commentary and amazingalliteration. Butler alliterates everything, including his tables of contents! This best-selling commentary series has become a favorite of pastors, teachers and students of the Word because everything is easy-to-understand and share with others. This sale ends on Feb. 4. Click here, or call 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8018.

Take advantage of these great specials before they expire. These helpful tools will improve your study and enjoyment of God’s Word. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, I’ll be happy to refund your purchase.

In His Service,

Jim Baird

P.S. For more news of new tools for ministry and Bible study, be sure to visit our website.

The Best Way to Learn More About WORDsearch

pastors_training_conferenceWhen I look back on some of my most enjoyable and memorable times during my two plus years working for WORDsearch, attending our training conferences have to be right at the top of the list.

 The conference trips always help me realize:

  •  I’m very fortunate to be a part of such an inspiring event that glorifies God’s Kingdom
  • The users of our software are among the finest people I’ve ever met
  • What we do as a company and what our users do daily is truly having a positive impact on the world

If you have never been to one of our conferences, I would highly encourage you to join us at the LifeWay headquarters in downtown Nashville this March. The primary reason that people attend is for better knowledge of how to use the WORDsearch Bible program.  However, it’s much more than just that.

It’s a great time to meet new people, to fellowship with others, to learn about what other ministries are doing around the world, and to pray for one another. It’s also a time for our users to get to know some of our WORDsearch staff, while learning about exciting upcoming technology advances. Plus, if you are looking to expand your digital library, there’s no better time to do it then when at one of our conferences. There are extremely special discounts that can be provided at these events, and it’s a blessing to provide these materials to you all at a rate that allows people to obtain materials that they previously thought were unattainable.

From previous conferences, I have had numerous people come up to me and tell me something along the lines of, “I’ve been using this program for years, but came here because I feel as if I don’t use it to its full potential.”

After two days of training from our expert teachers, Steven Ward, Scott Winter and Rick Milone, you will leave the conference feeling confident and equipped to use our software to further enhance your studies to a much greater level than you have before.

So regardless if you have never used our software, or have been studying with it for over a decade, I highly recommend you attend. We will be in touch with you to make sure you get into the certain class level that will be most appropriate for you, and we will also be there to spend some personal time with you to answer any questions you may have.

This is the type of event that for me personally, always recharges my batteries and leaves me with an uplifted spirit. These conferences provide me with the memories that drive me on a daily basis to push forward to make our company a better one.

I hope that you are able to join us on March 18-19 in Nashville to experience the same. If you have any questions about it in the meantime, please contact me at austin.bush@lifeway.com

The cost of the conference is $40 per person. This helps us cover a portion of the costs for the facilities and other miscellaneous things. However, to help balance out the upfront cost, upon arrival at the conference, each attendee will receive a $40 gift certificate that is good towards anything in our digital library.

For more information on the conference, please visit https://www.wordsearchbible.com/products/35727

Austin Bush is the Manager of Sales and Support at WORDsearch Bible Software in Austin, Texas.

Add More Bibles to Your Digital Library – 18 Translations On Sale Now

digbible_2If you’re like me, nothing beats having lots of Bible translations in your digital library. Comparing translations is the best way to get all the nuances and shades of meaning from the original Greek and Hebrew texts. For the next 14 days, WORDsearch is having a Bible Sale. We’ve selected 18 of our most popular Bible translations and reduced their prices for a limited time. Just click here to browse.

We’ve also included 7 of our best Study Bibles in this sale. Study Bibles are valuable resources because they contain study notes, maps, charts, word studies and other tools that add detail and depth to your study. If you’ve been wanting to add a few extra translations to your library, now’s the time to do it. You can download them quickly and be using them within minutes! Or, we’ll be happy to take your order by phone. Just call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6983.

Choose from 18 Bible Translations and 7 Popular Study Bibles!


You’ll love the way WORDsearch allows you to track many Bible translations in sync.


Take Advantage of the WORDsearch Bible Sale Today!

Now’s the time to add more translations, and a new study Bible or two to your digital library. Click here to browse or call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6983.