Free Friday! Christmas Sale Edition

Free Book Friday for Bible Software

Hi everyone! This week we are offering 3 free books for you to download for your library.

You can find them over on the Merry Christmas Sale page.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend.

Study Key Words with Theological Dictionaries

For over 50 years, the most authoritative Greek lexicon on the New Testament has been the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT), more commonly known as “Kittel.” A host of biblical scholars consider it to be the best New Testament dictionary ever compiled, not only for theologians, but also for preachers and pastors.

What made TDNT a breakthrough Bible study tool was the careful and exhaustive way it treated each New Testament Greek word. The authors discuss how each word was used in classical Greek literature, its use in the Hebrew Septuagint, and its use throughout the New Testament. It then will also see the word’s uses in other sources such as Philo, Josephus, and the pseudepigraphal and rabbinical literature.

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Free Friday! 100 Years from Today

Free Book Friday for Bible Software

Life on earth is so short. Eternity is so long. Yet, many of us focus almost entirely on the seventy, eighty or more years that we expect to spend on this earth and very little, if at all, on where we will spend eternity. This is not good planning, “…what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his life [in the eternal Kingdom of God]?” (Mark 8:36, AMP).

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $6.95 is 100 Years from Today by Jack Hartman.

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Using Study Bibles in Wordsearch

Study Bibles are extremely helpful tools for studying Scripture. They usually contain the Bible text along with study notes. This way when you are reading a passage and have a question about something, you can just find the note on that verse and see what the commentary says. Most study Bibles also include maps, charts, timelines, outlines, overviews, word studies, character studies, photographs, and diagrams that bring more clarity to the text.

In Wordsearch, study Bibles are even more helpful. Instead of having to use the ESV with the ESV Study Bible notes only, you can choose any translation you have in your library. So, you can have any of your preferred translations open, and all of the material in the study Bibles will sync and follow along. For example, you can use the KJV Bible text along with the CSB Study Bible. How cool is that?

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Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

The Understanding the Bible Commentary Series is a remarkable new commentary written to be used by those who preach, teach, and study God’s Word for the purpose of ministry to others.

These volumes were written by some of the best evangelical Bible scholars today. Each of these theologians was challenged to write in a way that would be clearly understandable to anyone.

Each volume contains an introductory chapter detailing the background of the book, its author, and important themes. It also includes an overview, an outline, and other helpful information.

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Best Links of the Week 12/1/2017

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Five Reasons Thankful Pastors are Doing So Well in Ministry

Simply stated, pastors who have an attitude of continuous gratitude are doing very well in ministry. They are joyous pastors. They serve joyous congregations. Posted by Thom Rainer.

To My Heroes: Bi-vocational and Small Church Pastors—7 Reasons to be Thankful

Bi-vocational and small church pastors are my heroes—those brothers to whom I look to find strength and courage to persevere in the faith and in difficult ministry. Posted by LifeWay Pastors.

Leadership in the Beginning: Watching Over and Working

God gave leadership to humanity before sin corrupted and tainted everything. We should abhor the sin that corrupts leadership, not the principle of leadership or God’s design for it. Posted by Eric Geiger.

5 Grave Dangers For Any Local Church

It’s easy for church work to become “business as usual.” Therefore, it’s wise and helpful to reflect on the depth of five dangers that can really hurt your church. Posted by Dan Reiland.