Free Friday! Conquering Depression


You’re not alone in your depression. We understand! And the news gets even better. Read again 1 Peter 5:7. Did you know that God wrote that verse just for you? That’s right! God loves you. He cares for you. And that’s why you can win the battle against depression, because you’ve got God on your side. And he understands! Even if you have difficulty believing God loves you, take a moment to begin stretching your faith. We want you to pray and thank God for his love and care.

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s book is Conquering Depression: A 30-Day Plan to Finding Happiness by Mark A. Sutton and Bruce Hennigan, M.D.

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Guide Believers Through Discipleship

Discipleship is an important part of our faith. Guiding believers to follow all that Christ commanded and modeled through God’s Word is a serious responsibility that can seem overwhelming. To help you as you disciple others, we are highlighting two discipleship studies available for Wordsearch.

Design for Discipleship – Used by Millions of Believers

This great resource will add an endless supply of wisdom and depth to your digital library. Over seven million Design for Discipleship books have already been printed and put into use. This tool has a proven track record.

You may notice the Design for Discipleship book covers show a large tree with roots that go deep into the ground. This is a good illustration for how this set works. The seven volumes of this program take believers on a journey, one step at a time, beginning with elementary aspects of faith, like who God is, why He loves us, sin, and redemption. One lesson builds upon another, and as students progress, more advanced elements of faith are introduced and explained. The result is that believers end up like that tree with roots deeply rooted in the Word of God.

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The Zondervan Encyclopedia Of The Bible

The Bible is full of names, places, and terms that may not be familiar to modern readers. Bible dictionaries & encyclopedias supply important background information to illuminate unknown historical & cultural information, cross-references, original language insights, and more. The concise definitions of words provided in these resources help you grow your understanding the Bible.

Ideally Suited for Wordsearch – Extremely Helpful for Sermon and Lesson Preparation

The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible has been a classic Bible study resource for more than 30 years. In print, this encyclopedia of the Bible is helpful and informative, but using it in Wordsearch unlocks its powerful potential even more.

No matter what verse you are studying, the definitions of important words and more information on the people, places, and backgrounds can help you understand the Bible on a deeper level.

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Free Friday! Sermon Outlines Sale Edition

Free Book Friday for Bible Software

Hi everyone! This week we are offering 4 free books for you to download for your library.

You can find them on the Sermon Outlines & Illustrations Sale page over on our website.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend.

Sermon Outlines & Illustrations Sale

The beginning of the year is a great time to consider adding new ministry tools to your digital library. This week we’ve put together a 14-day sale on sermon outline and sermon illustration resources to help you in your sermon and lesson preparation. We’ve selected some of our most popular packages and marked them down 50% to 100% off the regular price. These packages offer a limitless supply of ideas and practical applications. You can apply them to most any biblical topic or text that you preach or teach.

As you browse this sale you’ll find 36 outstanding packages for your library, all deeply discounted for a limited time. 4 of these packages are free for the duration of this sale. Simply add them to your cart for free, even if you purchase nothing else. Click here to browse this selection now. If you find more than one package you like, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and we’ll help you build a custom bundle that saves you even more.

The Good Book Guides

The best Bible studies stay with you. When a study asks good questions, it leads you to focus on the Scripture in a way you might not have before. Good questions help you retain new insights that you can apply to your life. The Good Book Guides, a 49-volume set of Bible studies, has those kind of questions.

The Good Book Guides – Faithful. Applied. Prayerful.

Each volume covers a book from the Old or New Testament, or a range of topics, from “Making Work Work” to “The Five Solas.” The strong focus of these guides is prayerful application. The authors, people like Timothy Keller, Mark Dever, Thabiti Anyabwile, and many others, want to lead you to apply what you will have learned to your life. Each lesson can be used in personal study, especially when using the Wordsearch word processor to write out your thoughts about the questions.

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