A Look Into the Spring Training Conference

For everyone at the training conference held last week in Nashville, the time was full of fun, fellowship and learning. Trainers Scott, Rick and Steve spent both Tuesday and Wednesday teaching all the different ways to use WORDsearch in order to save time and deepen the study of God’s Word. This included how to use the in-depth search feature, how to create different desktops, the morphology tool and much more. At several points in the advanced training, the attendees clapped and cheered in appreciation of what they were learning about the program. If you weren’t able to make it (or even if you did!) here’s a look into what the conference looked like. We hope to see you next time!


The training was held in the beautiful LifeWay headquarters in downtown Nashville, and about 80 pastors drove or flew in to attend.

steveAdvanced class trainer Steve helps out with one of the steps.

helpAttendees help each other follow along in the advanced training.

scottTrainer Scott leading a full basics class.

rickTrainer Rick teaching on Tuesday in the basics class.

If you attended, what was your favorite part of the training? Is there anything we can do to improve your experience? 

Reflections on the Austin Training Conference

For a lot of the staff here at WORDsearch, myself included, the days we circle on the calendar and really look forward to are the ones in which we get to host a training conference.  Over the past couple years, the majority of our conferences have been held at the beautiful LifeWay facilities in downtown Nashville.  However, last week, we enjoyed holding one here in the northwest side of Austin.


 Around 60 people joined us for the three-day event, and the four different trainers definitely kept everyone busy and filled with a bunch of new knowledge.  While one of the purposes of the conference is to learn more about how to study God’s Word better through our software, the reason I personally look forward to these conferences so much is due to the fellowship.

On a daily basis here at the WORDsearch office, I get to interact with our customers through phone calls and e-mails.  But it’s always so inspiring to meet our incredible users face-to-face and hearing about the ministry that they serve.  Like any company does, we also occasionally have struggles and difficult times.  For us, that statement rings true for the months of June and July as we went through some growing pains with technology.  But to finish out the month of July with this conference, my faith in our mission here at WORDsearch has never been stronger.   Our mission is to “serve those who preach and teach to change lives.”  To meet the users of our software in person and to hear about what they are doing to change lives is incredibly inspiring.

I’m so blessed to just be in the presence of the fine men and women who attend our conferences, and I get so excited to think about each of them as they take the tools that were learned at the conference and apply them to work towards the expansion of God’s Kingdom.  I pray often for our customers, because I appreciate that they are following God’s calling so faithfully and admirably.

One final note on this past week’s conference.  To me, one of the most special times of the conference is the concluding prayer of each day.  Joining in a giant circle and having people from all over the world praying for each other is something that’s very special and heart-warming.

If you ever get the chance to attend one of our future conferences, I highly recommend it.  I say this with extreme confidence – – you will leave the event feeling strong in your abilities to use our program at its optimal ability, but you will also leave feeling uplifted by your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Looking ahead, we will be in the Dallas area (Plano, TX) on August 27-28,  and also in Nashville on October 1-3.

To everyone who was at the Austin conference, as well as to everyone who reads this… God bless each and every one of you.  My goal here at WORDsearch is that one customer at a time, I will do my part to help provide you the tools to learn more about how Jesus died for us and how everlasting life awaits us beyond these earthly times.  To be a part of this is extremely special, so thank you to everyone who work so hard to fulfill God’s plan for your life.  You are all heroes in my book.

To see pictures from this event, please go to this link.

Austin Bush – WORDsearch Bible – Sales & Support Manager

Quick Tip – Searching

Have you ever wanted to be able to search a specific word or topic in your Bible to see everything it has to say on the subject? Doing this with a physical Bible could be extremely cumbersome and slow. With WORDsearch‘s searching tool, you can easily find every verse that mentions whatever word or phrase you choose to search. This can be a great help when creating sermons and lessons, or even just in your everyday study. Today’s quick tip will walk you through searching a word in a Bible and how you can quickly copy every occurrence into a word processor.

First, open the book that you would like to search, such as a Bible. For our example, we’ll  open the KJV.


Then, open the Search window by clicking on the Search icon that looks like a magnifying glass. It is also the first tool on the main toolbar in the upper left hand corner of your desktop.


Once you click on it, it will open a Search box.


Type in the word you would like to find in the Search box.  For example, love.


In the middle of the search window, find the underlined words Select All Open Books and click there once to select the book (or books) to be searched.


Click on the Search button at the bottom of the window to activate the tool.


A Search Results Window will open with a list of verses or sections.


Use the blue + sign or blue sign in the top middle part of the Search Results window to expand or collapse your results.


Click on the verse reference or words underlined in blue to open the Bible or book to that section.


You can also copy part or all of your results by checking the small box that appears at the beginning of each result or row.


Then click on the Copy button and text is placed in the clipboard.


Open a word processor, like Microsoft Word, and paste in the text.


All the verses you checked to copy will paste into your Word document.


In our example so far, we searched one word in one Bible, but you can search the same term in multiple books as well. If you go back to the Search box, you will see a list of your library.


For example, if you wanted to search love again, but this time in all the theology books in your library, you can check that category on your list. You can select whatever category you want, or you can even select specific books that you would like to see results from.


When you click Search, it will pop up all the results as we saw before, but with the different books’ mentions of love also listed along with the KJV.


Another tip: If you click on the WORDgraph tab on your results box, WORDsearch will show you a graph of how many times the word you searched for appears in each Bible book. Pretty cool!


Searching your library in WORDsearch for specific words is fast, easy and super helpful. How does this feature help you in your study or preparation? 

Quick Tip – Using Strong’s Numbers

First of all, what are Strong’s Numbers?

Strong’s Numbers were prepared by Dr. James Strong and a team of scholars for over 35 years. With the numbering system tied to a particular word in English, the average lay-person can easily study the meanings of the Greek and Hebrew words. First published in 1890, this tool is still used today by pastors, scholars and laymen alike for nearly a century. They have become the standard for identifying  words linked to the original Greek and Hebrew words.

One of the great features in WORDsearch is the ability to easily access Strong’s Numbers from an open King James Bible (KJV), Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) or New American Standard Bible (NASB). You also can hear the word pronounced. For the quick tip today, we will use the KJV.

NOTE: If you don’t have a King James Bible or Strong’s Concordance/Greek and Hebrew Dictionary in your library, they are both free downloads.

Today, let’s use Ephesians 2: 8-9 , “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:  Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

First, let’s go to the verse in the KJV.


Then, do a quick double click on a word.  Your Strong’s Talking Greek Hebrew Dictionary will open to the original word and definition.


To hear the word pronounced  click on the speaker icon or the word following the Phonetic Pronunciation.


If you right click on the Strong’s number itself, it will show an option to search based on the Strong’s number and not the English word. There is often a link to Vine’s. You can click on the Vine’s word to open that Vine’s article. (Vine’s must be a apart of your library to do this.)


Strong’s is synced to many other word study books in your library. You can open these by going to the Word Study folder in the Library and clicking once on the title to open it into the window.


You can place as many books as you like, and they will all sync to the same Strong’s number (except for a few books in the Word Study folder that sync verse-by-verse).


Another way to open Strong’s is to go to the Word Study folder in the library and selecting Strong’s Concordance.

strong open

Then, type in an English word in the white search box in the Strong’s window and press Enter.  After you do this, you will see a chart below with a list of transliterated Greek and Hebrew words with the corresponding Strong’s numbers.


Hover over a number to see the English words used for that number in the KJV.


Right click on the number to search the Bible for words used for that number.


Your results will appear in a new box.


Using Strong’s on WORDsearch is quick and easy.  How does using Strong’s help you in your preparation or study? 

Quick Tip – Finding a Book in Your Library

We’ve all been there. You download a book, can’t wait to read it, open Wordsearch and then…you can’t find it. Today’s Quick Tip will give you some information to help solve this problem and get to reading!

First, your library is located on the left hand side of your desktop in the Resource Panel.


If you do not see your Resource Panel, Click on View from the drop down menu in the upper left corner of your desktop.


Check-mark Resources Pinned to pin the Resource Panel to your Desktop.


Minimize the Favorites, Documents, Verse Lists, Community Documents and User Books Sections by clicking on the small down arrow on each section heading.


Then click on the Library section heading to open it.


Your library is now open.


Look above the Library to the Library Filter. This filter sorts through the titles and authors of your books.


Click inside the Filter and type in a word or two from the title or the author of the book you are looking for.


When you see it in the list, click on the book one time to open it on your desktop.



You may also be able to use abbreviations, such as KJV for the King James Bible or POSB for the Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible.


Another way to locate a book is by pressing the F9 key at the top of your keyboard. (You may also need to hold down the Function (Fn) key at the same time you press F9.

An Open Book window will pop up, which also has a filter for your library.


Type in part of the title or the author’s name to see the book appear in a list. Select the book, and click on the OK button to open.


The last way to find a book is by looking through the folders in your Library. Use the minus sign on the Library Section bar to view only the folder headings. Scroll down and click on a Folder, such as Word Studies, to see a list of your Word Study category books.


Hopefully, this post will help you navigate around your library.  What way do you use most often to find your books?



What We’ve Been Up To – “Just the Basics” Conference

563548_10151483383514643_78739560_nLast week, I had the privilege of flying to Nashville to attend our first WORDsearch conference of the year, held at the awe-inspiring LifeWay corporate headquarters. Having only been with the company for a little over a year, this was my first opportunity to venture out of our Austin office to meet some of the wonderful pastors and teachers that use our program.

It was raining and cold in Nashville, but that didn’t stop 68 men and women from joining us for a program touted as “Just the Basics.” It was a great introduction to the WORDsearch program, and the unique blend of styles from the four different trainers made it a truly worthwhile event.

Richard and Linda Perry, along with Steven Ward and Scott Winter, demonstrated the ease  of maneuvering around the program while showing how powerful the program is.  The attendees will no longer have to go back and forth to their bookshelves, skimming through book after book, not even sure what they were looking for.

I had the opportunity to chat with many of those in attendance, and I heard about some of the struggles they’re facing in their churches, and how Satan is on the offensive. The mission of WORDsearch is “to serve those who preach and teach to change lives.” The preachers and teachers that attended this conference are the real heroes, serving out in the trenches day after day. If we, in our own small way, are able to help them through this software tool, then I feel honored to be a part.

If you weren’t able to attend this conference, you’re in luck, because we will be having two more later this year. One in May, for intermediate users, and one in October for the more advanced. If you can make it out to one of these, I would highly encourage it.  Obviously, not everyone can do that, but guess what? You don’t have to jump on a plane or endure a long road trip to learn from our wonderful trainers. We offer free (THAT’S RIGHT, FREE) training all the time through our website. You can sign up for as many classes as you want, all free of charge. And these classes cover the gamut of how to effectively use the program. There are even special one-on-one training classes where you can talk about whatever you want!

If you can’t make it to Nashville, do the next best thing and check out some of these online classes. You can find the calendar at this link: https://www.wordsearchbible.com/training. You’ll be glad you did!

God bless,

Mike Giles

Mike Giles is a Sales/Customer Service Representative for WORDsearch Bible Software.  Mike is a dedicated follower of Christ, a husband and a father of two.  He can be reached directly at 1-800-825-2648 (ext. 7145) or at mike.giles@lifeway.com.