Saturday Roundup – Quick Links Edition


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Quick Tip – Audio Pronunciation

The Men of Character bundle is on sale for $49.95

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Free Friday! Concerning Christian Liberty


It’s Free Friday and today’s free download, usually $4.95, is Concerning Christian Liberty by Martin Luther. Click here to download.

In brief, trust not in any who exalt you, but in those who humiliate you. For this is the judgment of God: “He hath cast down the mighty from their seat, and hath exalted the humble.” See how unlike Christ was to His successors, though all will have it that they are His vicars. I fear that in truth very many of them have been in too serious a sense His vicars, for a vicar represents a prince who is absent. Now if a pontiff rules while Christ is absent and does not dwell in his heart, what else is he but a vicar of Christ? And then what is that Church but a multitude without Christ? What indeed is such a vicar but Antichrist and an idol? How much more rightly did the Apostles speak, who call themselves servants of a present Christ, not the vicars of an absent one!

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Read More – Is Peter an “Ignorant Fisherman?”


Have you ever thought of Peter as an “ignorant fisherman?” If so, J. Vernon McGee would ask you to take a second look. “As we see in his first epistle, he deals with more doctrine in a brief letter [of 2 Peter] than any other New Testament writer. He takes up controversial matters and handles them in a masterful way.” 2 Peter is the apostle’s “swan song,” and his message is that you won’t be able to live for God unless you have a knowledge of the Word of God.

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Guest Post – What to Do with What You Know


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Have you asked yourself lately, “What do I do with what I know?” The question itself presumes something ought to be done with what we know. Of course there is knowledge of things which probably won’t make a difference in one’s life. We are embedded in a culture that idolizes knowledge. For example, I must find out (know) how my “friends” are doing on Facebook. I must know. I must know how my favorite celebs and sports stars are doing, what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, so I read the latest blog or magazine or watch my favorite show.

We take it for granted in the western world that we have a wealth of knowledge concerning things of eternal significance. The question is: What are we doing with what we know? Does it stay in our heads with no consequence to our lives or relationships?

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Saturday Roundup

saturday roundup

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Free Friday! A Treasury of Great Preaching


It’s Free Friday and today’s featured free download is A Treasury of Great Preaching. Click here to download.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. Christ is his resurrection name. He is sitting at the right hand of the Father interceding for us.

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