Free Friday! The Lamb of God

Free Book Friday for Bible Software
It’s Free Friday and today’s free download, usually $5.95, is The Lamb of God by W. Robertson Nicoll.

And how gently He bore His sufferings! We remember the impressive silence which He maintained before the furious and malignant storm of accusation at the bar of Pilate. We remember how, amidst a series of insults and torture which makes us shudder to read of, when the thorns were crushed into His brow, and the faded scarlet thrown round Him, and the reed put into His hand and then wrested from Him and used to strike Him again and again, not one word of reproach, or protest, or anger, escaped His lips. We remember “what a grace He had, even in His dying hour”; how He prayed when the nails were driven through His hands, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”; how He opened Paradise to the penitent thief at His side; how He died with no word of bitterness upon His lips. And therein, as in all His life, we behold His exceeding gentleness.

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Read More – The Biblical Illustrator

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Without question The Biblical Illustrator comprises the greatest amount of biblical exposition ever assembled. It contains sermons, outlines, quotations, anecdotes, similes, emblems, and illustrations. Originally published in 1887, The Biblical Illustrator is one of the most robust commentaries ever published, covering every chapter and verse of the Word of God by some of the best preachers and teachers of the 19th century.

These contributors include Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, Alexander MacLaren, Matthew Henry, Adam Clark, John Wesley, Joseph Parker, J.C. Ryle, and hundreds of others.

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Free Friday! Messages on Prayer

free book download for pastors and preachers

Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $9.95, is Messages on Prayer by B.H. Carroll.

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The Pastor/Teacher’s Toolkit: Bible Dictionaries

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The Bible is full of names, places, and terms that aren’t familiar to modern readers. But Bible dictionaries provide important background information to illuminate these, including:

  • Concise definitions of unknown words
  • Cross-references to other occurrences in Scripture
  • Historical and cultural information
  • Original language insights
  • Customs and descriptions of daily life
  • Theological observations and practical applications.

Delving into this material helps us understand what the Bible is actually saying. Bible dictionaries in print are helpful and informative, but using them in WORDsearch unlocks their potential even more.

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Guest Post – It Is Finished


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Have you ever sat and read through the New Testament and read only the words Jesus’ words (the words in red in some Bibles)? For a completely new perspective, I challenge us to do just that. I know context  is everything, but let’s step out of the exegesis box (interpreting the Scriptures)  for a brief moment, to get an amazing snapshot of Jesus. His strength, authority, love, and compassion.

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Free Friday! Easter Edition


Hi everyone! This week we are offering a bundle of free books for you to download for your library.

You can find it over on the Easter sale page over on our website.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful Easter weekend.