Free Friday! Gospel Extracts


Happy Friday everyone! Today’s featured free download is Gospel Extracts by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Decays in grace and backsliding are usually very much like the fall of the autumn leaves. You are watching the trees, for even now they are beginning to indicate the coming fall. They evidently know that their verdant robes are to be stripped from them, for they are casting off their first loose vestments. How slowly the time of the brown leaf comes on! You notice here and there a tinge of the copper hue, and anon the gold leaf or the bronze is apparent. Week after week you observe that the general fall of the leaves is drawing nearer, but it is a matter that creeps slowly on. And so with backsliders. They are not put out of the visible church all at once; they do not become open offenders all at once. The heart by slow degrees turns aside from the living God, and then at last comes the outward sin and the outward shame…

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Read More – The Preacher’s Commentary


Some Christians are heroes in their daydreams only. The characteristic mark of such heroism is imagining ourselves as faithful on great and public occasions and in rarefied atmospheres when others will be impressed. In stark contrast, true faithfulness in Scripture is first exercised in small things and in private. If we fail there, any faithfulness we show in public will be hypocrisy, a performance for the crowd and not an expression of loyalty to our Lord.

Daniel and his three friends were under intense pressure. Their consciences (educated by God’s Word and devoted to it) were under attack. The pressures to conform were intense. No doubt there were others, Jerusalem-born like themselves, who laughed at their sensitivities. What harm would good food do them, or new names? It is interesting and instructive to see their response. – The Preacher’s Commentary, Daniel

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Quick Tip – Quickly See Scripture References


While you are studying a dictionary, commentary, or any other kind of book that mentions Bible verses in WORDsearch, it can be helpful to quickly see the full text of the verse to understand the context or even just read it if you can’t remember that verse exactly.

There are two ways you can do this in WORDsearch, and it really just depends on your preference or the kind of studying you are doing at different times. The Info Window is a window that will stay on the right on your screen no matter what. It will navigate to whatever reference you hover over in your other books.

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Free Friday! How to Prepare Sermons and Gospel Addresses


It’s Free Friday and today’s featured free download, usually $14.95, is How to Prepare Sermons and Gospel Addresses by William Evans.

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iOS 5 Update


Hi everyone!

We are no longer supporting iOS 5 on the WORDsearch iOS app. The best way to use WORDsearch if you are still on iOS 5 from now on would be to use

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Quick Tip – Strong’s Searching


Strong’s Numbers were prepared by Dr. James Strong and a team of scholars for over 35 years. With the numbering system tied to a particular word in English, the average lay-person can easily study the meanings of the Greek and Hebrew words. First published in 1890, this tool is still used today by pastors, scholars and laymen alike for nearly a century. They have become the standard for identifying  words linked to the original Greek and Hebrew words.

One of the great features in WORDsearch is the ability to easily access Strong’s Numbers from an open King James Bible (KJV), Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), English Standard Version (ESV), or New American Standard Bible (NASB). You also can hear the word pronounced.

Today’s Quick Tip is focused on searching for a specific Strong’s number that you might come across or already have in mind.

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