Free Friday! My Favorite Illustrations


Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $14.95, is My Favorite Illustrations by Herschel Hobbs.

God’s Hand Is on Him

Many times I have been asked how I explain Billy Graham’s successful work. I could mention his ability as a preacher, his co-laborers, and the effectiveness of prayerful organization. But my reply is, “God has His hand on him.” That’s the difference between success and failure in the Lord’s work.

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Guest Post: Quick Tip – How to Create Your Own Set


Be sure and read our previous Quick Tip – How to Find Sets in Your Library.

Sets are a useful feature of WORDsearch. Why are some books sets? Most sets are found in the Commentaries category, where individual volumes only cover a portion of a Bible, so the set is created so that all the content from the Table of Contents (TOC) will be in one easily accessible place in your library. Another common type of book set up as a set is a Bible. This is so that the Old and New Testament are connected as a complete Bible, working as if it was one book.

Why is this helpful?

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Saturday Roundup – Quick Links


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Free Friday! The Leadership Lessons of Jesus


Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $9.95, is The Leadership Lessons of Jesus by Bob Briner and Ray Pritchard.

The idea of a “calling,” particularly for those not employed in some sort of professional ministry, is often seen as archaic, impractical, or quaint, even by Christians.

This view is damaging, however, both to God’s kingdom and to individual lives and careers. As Christians, we must understand that God has a call on our entire lives, including our careers. To see this any differently denies both allegiance to God as our Creator and an understanding of the unbelievable price Jesus paid for us on the cross. It keeps us from living fully integrated lives in which all things work in synergy for our good and for the building of God’s kingdom.

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A Guest Post from Ed Stetzer – Biblical Literacy by the Numbers: Fixing the Problem


Faithful and Fruitful: How Do We Fix the Problem?

Of course, you already knew that reading the Bible helped you to grow. It’s actually doing it that’s a challenge. So what are some ways churches are helping people to engage the Scriptures more intentionally? Based on our work with churches, we’ve seen a few patterns. Those producing the most fruit concerning Bible engagement do the following:

See the Bible as a whole.

It’s not just that we read our Bibles, but the way we read our Bibles that increases biblical literacy. I believe there’s a link between biblical illiteracy and our habit of fracturing the Bible into pieces and parts. We read a verse here, a chapter there. We need a quick verse for anxiety, so we run to Matthew 6:34 (“Take no thought about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take thought about the things of itself”). We need another verse about fear, so we jump to 1 John 4:18 (“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear”). These verses can help when we’re dealing with life’s difficulties, but a steady diet of verses and chapters digested in this way amounts to spiritual “fast food” from our McBibles. We need a whole Bible approach to Bible reading and study.

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Guest Post: Quick Tip – How to Find the Sets in Your Library


Sometimes books in WORDsearch are sold or offered separately, but need to be treated as a single book in the Library, otherwise known as Sets. An example of a set would be a New Testament commentary sold as separate volumes, like Romans, Acts, Matthew, etc, but when you use them in the program, they work better when they are treated as a single book, collected all together. A Set can be as small as two volumes, or as large as over 30 volumes, and will function the same even if you don’t own the whole thing.

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