Free Friday! Essential Church?

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The dropouts are not mad. Many still claim their faith. They can still have a positive view of their pastor and church. They aren’t losing their religion. Most just see no reason to stay; the church is not essential to them. It is just another social venue with which they have little in common. Dropouts feel this way because many within the church assumed that they would stay. Their parents assumed that the teachings of the church would be well received via religious osmosis. But the Great Commission explicitly commands us to teach and disciple. Neglecting this element of the gospel imperative creates an atmosphere of spiritual and doctrinal atrophy resulting in a nonessential church.

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $14.95, is Essential Church? by Thom Rainer and Sam Rainer.

Why do so many young adults (18 to 22) leave the church, and what will it take to bring them back? This important question is examined and duly answered in Essential Church?, a follow-up to Thom S. Rainer’s best-selling Simple Church, cowritten this time with his son, research expert Sam Rainer.

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The Fortress Commentary on the Bible – A New Approach

The Fortress Commentary on the Bible doesn’t tell you what to think. Instead, it offers a wealth of information that will help you draw well-informed conclusions on all passages of Scripture.

The Fortress Commentary on the Bible – A New Approach

The Fortress Commentary on the Bible takes a historical look at each passage of Scripture. It includes the contributions from 70 respected authorities in the historical interpretation of the Old and New Testaments. These scholars research and discuss the intention of the Bible authors, how scholars have interpreted these passages over the centuries, and how current scholars interpret them today. What is unique about the Fortress Commentary is this: No conclusions are offered. Instead, it highlights the unique challenges and interpretive questions raised by the text.

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5 Reasons We Love the LifeGuide Bible Study Series

Wordsearch has just released a massive addition to one of our most popular sets, the LifeGuide Bible Study Series. We’ve added 44 new topical volumes to this set. LifeGuides are one of the most popular Bible studies, with over 5 million sold in print.

Here are some things we love about LifeGuides:

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Read Ancient Christian Thoughts in Modern Technology

Have you ever wondered how the ancient Christians interpreted Scripture and doctrines?

The leaders and writers within the early Christian church were known as the patristics or the early church fathers. The writings of these men are mostly in Greek and Latin, and they were central to the creation of Christian doctrine and the establishment of the Christian Church in the first five centuries. The purpose of exegesis in the patristic period was to humbly seek the revealed truth in the Scriptures, and these works have great value today for those who preach and teach.

WORDsearch has 3 sets of books, The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, Ancient Christian Doctrines, and Ancient Christian Devotional that will help you get familiar with the early church fathers and their interpretations.

Why should you care? They contain ancient material that has been edited, translated, footnoted, and reorganized in a way that is fresh, usable, teachable, and preachable.

Plus, using the powerful searching and cross-referencing features of WORDsearch make these works even more useful.

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Free Friday! Whatever It Takes

Free Book Friday for Bible Software

I never cease to give thanks to God for His constant care. Clearly on this flight and every flight in World War II, I firmly believe that He preserved my life for the missionary service He later called us to. I could not have imagined all of the spiritual joys, battles, and victories He was going to give to us in our missionary service and witness to the Japanese who were so aggressively seeking to destroy us!

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $12.95, is Whatever It Takes: The Amazing Adventures of God’s Work Around the World by Dub Jackson.

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Get to Know Donald Cantrell

donald cantrellDonald Cantrell has been a preacher of the gospel since 1980. His goal in writing books is to be helpful to ministers who may need a simple thought to prompt them in developing a mighty message. His hope is to be practical, preachable, and accessible to the busy and pressured pastor.

In addition to preaching and writing, Donald has been active in personal sermon consulting and research, offering help with individual sermon development, subject research, Bible character studies, and sermon series. He has also helped various pastorates with the leading of revivals.

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