Best Links of the Week 11/3/2017

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Four Key Words For Developing Church Core Values

Core Values are the guard rails that keep a church focused on its mission. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to get them right. Posted by Pastors Today.

Spiritual Disciplines in a Digital Age

The digitally connected world has given us access to more information and less understanding. Posted by Philip Nation.

Not Fair to Lead Everyone the Same

It is not fair for a leader to lead everyone the same way because every person on the team is different and needs different leadership. Posted by Eric Geiger.

Four Ways Pastors Can Invest in Themselves

Have you ever felt like your well has run dry or there is nothing left in your cup to pour out? If we say yes to everything, we lose the opportunity to give our best to anything. Posted by Pastors Today.

The Bible Teacher’s Guide

Bible Teacher's Guide

Written by pastor and Bible teacher Dr. Gregory Brown, The Bible Teacher’s Guide gets right to the heart of everyday issues facing Christian believers.

You will notice right away that there is something different about this series. The content is fresh, insightful, and immediately applicable. Dr. Brown directs a laser-like focus on Bible books, characters, and topics, and delivers Bible-based applications we can put into practice immediately.

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Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament

The name “paideia” (pronounced Pie-Day-Ah) is an appropriate title for this 14-volume commentary. Paideia is a Greek word and concept that was highly regarded in ancient times. It refers to the proper tutoring shared between a master and student. Paideia appears several times in the New Testament, such as in 2 Timothy 3:16: “Every scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character.” This excellent commentary does exactly that.

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Best Links of the Week 10/27/2017

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Four Ways Pastors Can Invest in Themselves

It is easy in ministry to give so much that you wake up one day and feel you have nothing else to give. Posted by Pastors Today.

5 Things Leaders Need to Give Up

Leading means partnering and partnering means sacrificing. Posted by The Exchange.

7 Lazy Leadership Practices

Many of us have some lazy tendencies when it comes to leadership. I do at times. This is as much an inward reflecting post as an outward teaching. Posted by Ron Edmondson.

The Five Choices of Declining Churches

In theory, the choices are simple. But putting them to practice is not so easy. Posted by Thom Rainer.

The Standard Lesson Commentary

standard lesson commentary

The Standard Lesson Commentary provides you with a full-year’s worth of adult Sunday school materials. It provides you with everything you will need to prepare quality lessons with biblically sound teaching.

For each week of the year, you get a full, solidly Bible-based lesson ideal for group study. Each lesson is organized with Key Verse, Lesson Aims, Lesson Outline, Introduction, Lesson Background, and How to Say Biblical Words. Each lesson also includes verse-by-verse exposition, engaging discussion questions, graphics, illustrations, and relevant examples to get your students interested in the Bible. No matter what size class you teach, the Standard Lesson Commentary is adaptable to large or small sizes.

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Read More – The Biblical Illustrator

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Without question The Biblical Illustrator comprises the greatest amount of biblical exposition ever assembled. It contains sermons, outlines, quotations, anecdotes, similes, emblems, and illustrations. Originally published in 1887, The Biblical Illustrator is one of the most robust commentaries ever published, covering every chapter and verse of the Word of God by some of the best preachers and teachers of the 19th century.

These contributors include Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, Alexander MacLaren, Matthew Henry, Adam Clark, John Wesley, Joseph Parker, J.C. Ryle, and hundreds of others.

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