Free Friday! Expository Pulpit Series – Hebrews

Free Book Friday for Bible Software

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $9.95, is Expository Pulpit Series – Hebrews by Glen Spencer Jr.

The Expository Pulpit Series – Hebrews provides a chapter-by-chapter alliterated commentary on the book of Hebrews that will help your preaching and teaching become more effective and memorable.

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Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation

Dr. D.A. Carson once noted that the greatest challenge faced by theologians is how to navigate the the tension between the Bible’s unity and diversity in a way that does justice to both. That is exactly what the Bible Theology for Christian Proclamation commentary series does.

Biblical theology is the attempt to understand and embrace the interpretive perspective of the biblical authors. What is more, biblical theology is the theology of the entire Bible, an exercise in whole-Bible theology.

This series does more than identify the theology that knits the entire Bible together. What makes it supremely useful for preachers and teachers is its orientation toward Christian proclamation. The editors of this work tell us its ultimate purpose is: “to equip those in Christian ministry who are called by God to preach and teach the precious truths of Scripture to their congregations, both in North America and in a global context.”

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Wordsearch Android Update 9/27/2017

Hi everyone! Quick update:

On the Android app, a few things have been fixed and should be working in a few days. Look out for the update in the Google Play store in the next few days.

  • The table of contents issue
  • Download of content issue
  • Highlighting bug that was introduced with OS 7.1

Thank you so much for your patience!

5 Questions with the Editor of the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary

Tony Merida is lead pastor Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. He earned a Ph.D. in preaching from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and serves as associate professor of preaching at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also one of the editors of the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary volumes (on sale now), showing readers how to see Christ in all aspects of Scripture.

WORDsearch chatted with Tony about his Bible study tips, sermon prep, and more.

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Best Links of the Week 9/22/2017

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Can Leadership Be Learned? 

You do not have to be a natural-born leader to become a great leader. Posted by The Exchange

3 Reasons Why Ministry Leaders Choose to Be Isolated

Dietrich Bonhoeffer boldly declared that sin demands to have a man by himself. We must resist the temptation to live and serve in isolation. Posted by Pastors Today.

The Overcommitted Church

The overcommitted church has become the ineffective church. So how did our churches get in this predicament? The causes are many, but here are seven of them. Posted by Thom Rainer.

3 Places Where Leaders Must Be AT LEAST Average

You must be at least average in important areas of your leadership or those weaknesses will overshadow your strengths. Posted by Eric Geiger.

4 Ways Pastors Can Help With Mental Health

The local church should be the front door for both the upstream solutions, as well as the downstream problems of mental health. Posted by Pastors Today.

A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old and New Testament 

A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old and New Testament (BTION) is an excellent work to have open alongside your Bible and commentary. You’ll find it to be extremely helpful. This new resource was published for the benefit of preachers, teachers, and serious students of God’s Word. It was carefully researched and authored by the professors of the Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS).

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