Quick Tips – Android Library and Book Discovery


In this blog post, we’ll learn how to navigate and arrange your WORDsearch Android Library and how to download & open books.

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Quick Tips – Android Book Functionality


In this blog, we’ll learn more about the WORDsearch Android app functionality. Specifically, we’ll look at how to view your table of contents, notes, bookmarks and highlights, how to use the table of content slider, how to change your text options, how to create notes, bookmarks and highlights, and how to search within text.

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Quick Tips – Getting Started with the Android App


WORDsearch Bible on the Android
We’re happy to announce that WORDsearch is now available on Android devices 4.0 OS or higher. We want to say thank you for your persistence in requesting this app and for your patience in waiting for our development team to produce it. With the release of this app, you will now be able to read content you purchased from WORDsearch on your Android device whether you are on or offline. Please remember that this is a Phase 1 app, and we are working to add new and enhance existing features.

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UPDATE: Android E-Reader App


As we’ve shared with you before, we were hoping to have the Android e-reader app released by the end of June, but to make your experience even better, we are putting it through a public beta testing phase.

This means we are looking for some volunteers to do beta testing. If you would like to provide feedback and help us with the app, please email us at sales@wordsearchbible.com with your name and email address. Within in a few days, you should hear from us with all the details you will need to get started testing.

To keep you in the loop, we want to show you a special sneak peek of the Phase 1  Beta Android e-reader app here. We want you to be the first to look and play with the app. Please note some of your books and information will not be available with this release, and there will be some performance issues, but we want to get this beta e-reader app out as soon as possible so that you can give us feedback. We really appreciate you waiting patiently. Please know that we are working as hard as we can to get the app out to you as soon as we believe it is running smoothly.

When you first enter the app, you’ll see your library:


From this home screen, you will be able to:

  • View your books by categories
  • View your books in list view
  • Download books
  • Search for books by typing in their title or author
  • Search a term within all of your books


 Once you have downloaded a book, you can:

  • Create bookmarks or notes
  • Highlight a word or paragraph
  • Touch a Bible reference in any book and instantly read the verse or jump into the full Bible
  • Quickly jump to different Bible books or chapters of the book you are in

We are continuing to work on new features for your Android app, and thanks for having patience with us. Again please let us know if you want to be a volunteer for the beta testing by emailing us at sales@wordsearchbible.com.

Your friend in Christ,

David Seibert
3006 Longhorn Blvd #110
Austin, TX 78758

Technology Advances Coming Soon


As you might have noticed, we have a few changes going on at WORDsearch. Here are some updates on the technology advances that are coming soon.


NEW: WORDsearch Bible 10

Enhancements to WORDsearch 10 desktop software are coming soon. Features such as automatic book updates, account synchronization and My Library Report will be introduced. We will have further details about enhancements when it is released.

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