Free Friday! Christ’s Words from the Cross


Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $9.95, is Christ’s Words from the Cross by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Click here to download.

Now the prayer of Christ had a great spirituality of aim. You notice that nothing is sought for these people but that which concerns their souls, “Father, forgive them.” And I believe the church will do well when she recollects that she wrestles not with flesh and blood, nor with principalities and powers, but with spiritual wickedness, and that what she has to dispense is not the law and order by which magistrates may be upheld, or tyrannies pulled down, but the spiritual government by which hearts are conquered to Christ, and judgments are brought into subjection to His truth. I believe that the more the church of God strains after, before God, the forgiveness of sinners, and the more she seeks in her life-prayer to teach sinners what sin is, and what the blood of Christ is, and what the hell is that must follow if sin be not washed out, and what the heaven is which will be ensured to all those who are cleansed from sin, the more she keeps to this the better.

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Preparing Students to Defend Their Faith

What will happen when your teenager sits down for his or her first class at college and a professor comes out to immediately challenge and confront Christian beliefs?

Unfortunately, many young people are ill equipped to defend their faith.

Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World, a new book by Andreas Kostenberger, Darrell Bock and Josh Chatraw and published by B&H, looks to prepare students for the intellectual scrutiny their faith will face once they leave home.

Using the writings and lectures of famed Christian critic and University of North Carolina religion professor Bart Ehrman as a starting point, Truth Matters deals with common objections to Christianity that college students often face.

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New Release Containing Powerful Knowledge You Can Teach and Preach

quickToday I’d like to introduce you to a new release from B&H Publishers, the Holman QuickSource Series. Each volume in this series is designed to give you quick access and understanding of Bible material, organized and written in a user-friendly style. Best of all, each volume is packed with beautiful photographs, illustrations, maps, charts and highly graphic visual aids. For a limited time, you’ll find each of these resources is on sale for just $9.95. Or you can take all 6 volumes in the Holman QuickSource Bundle for just $39.95.Click here for more details, or call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8045.

6 Volumes Containing Powerful Knowledge You Can Teach and Preach

QuickSource volumes and you’ll be captivated by the precise, concise format that adds color, detail and personality to your studies in God’s Word. Everything that can be pictured or illustrated to deepen your understanding is graphically represented. These 6 volumes cover a wide range of Bible interest:

  • QuickSource Guide to Understanding the Bible is a thorough guide to Bible comprehension. Each book is clearly outlined and explained. Christian concepts are highlighted, such as Christ’s foreshadowing in the Old Testament. Colorful maps, charts and illustrations are displayed throughout.
  • QuickSource Guide to Understanding Jesus takes a close and clear look at Christ in five parts: (1) His Old Testament background, (2) His life on Earth, (3) the Cross, (4) His teachings and (5) His followers. This volume was authored by the editor of theHCSB Study Bible, Dr. Jeremy Royal Howard.
  • QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics offers a well-organized and systematic approach to defending the Christian faith. It will give you confidence answering the tough questions and attacks that come today from every direction.
  • QuickSource Guide to Understanding Creation surveys every major issue relating to the theology and science of creation. This includes proofs that the universe was created and designed by God, a discussion of the compatibility of Genesis with major theories in modern science and an analysis of ancient non-biblical creation myths. Highly trained scientists and authors Mark Whorton and Hill Roberts are uniquely qualified to report these findings that are in line with Christian faith.
  • QuickSource Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls gives you a strong overview and understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls and their importance for Christianity. Topics covered include the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, notes on the Dead Sea region, the contents and dates of the Scrolls, who wrote and gathered them, first and second generation scholars of the Scrolls and more.
  • QuickSource Bible Atlas packs an amazing amount of information about the physical context of biblical events into a single volume. And now, with this colorful compact volume, you’ll always have these details close by for fast, easy, dependable reference. Included here are more than 300 maps, charts, photos and biblical reconstructions illuminating the geographical context of key biblical topics such as: journeys, wars, kingdoms, exile, the life and ministry of Christ, the early church and more.

Think This Series Is for Lightweights? Think Again!

I’ve been reading through these volumes and I’m astonished. From something named “QuickSource,” I did not expect the kind of thorough research and complete detail I have found in this series. I’m impressed with how the authors and editors have organized and distilled the core truths of each volume into a format that is easy to absorb and understand. The graphics illustrate the information beautifully.

Try one of these volumes and see if you agree. Save even more by taking the bundle. I doubt you’ll find so much quality research for under $40 anywhere else. If you’re not delighted, I’ll be happy to refund your purchase. Click here to learn more. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898. Mention special offer 8045.

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Just Released: A Powerful New Commentary That Defends the Faith – 14-Day Sale

HACGospelsActsToday I’d like to introduce you to a new commentary series. It’s different from any other commentaries in your library because this is an apologetics commentary that helps you make sense of difficult passages in defense of our faith. Never has such a resource been so needed by preachers, teachers and students of the Bible.

Introducing The Holman Apologetics Commentary on the Bible

The first volume in this new series has just been released in print and today is available for your digital library. This massive volume covers the 4 Gospels and the book of Acts. The regular price for this volume is $39.95, but, for the next 14 days, you can have it for the introductory price of just $24.95Just click here for complete details or to download this volume today. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6989.

An Apologetics Commentary That Defends the Faith

The Holman Apologetics Commentary is quite different from verse-by-verse commentaries. HCSB Study Bible editor, Dr. Jeremy Howard, recruited 4 of the world’s top Bible scholars for this work. These theologians were given an index of verses known to be relevant to the topics of apologetics and biblical reliability. They focused their comments to these verses, plus any others that they recognized as crucial to defending the Christian faith.

In most cases, you’ll notice that each commentary note begins by stating the challenges in the text at hand, as a critic would state them. This approach takes opposing viewpoints head-on, to ensure that you feel the full weight of the challenge. The authors then systematically address each challenge and describe solutions that support the faith and align with a high view of Scripture. This means these evangelical scholars are committed to biblical accuracy and the inerrancy of the Bible.

For Better Preaching, Teaching and Witnessing

An excellent example of this can be found with John 1:1, a crucial text I’m sure you are familiar with: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The Holman Apologetics Commentary gives a brilliant defense of this verse, showing how cults like the Jehovah’s Witnesses have mistranslated this important text as “and the word was a god.” This false translation can mislead people into denying the Trinity. When you read Holman’s detailed and precise defense of this verse, you will come away with indisputable proof and confidence in the Lordship of Christ and the solid doctrine of the Trinity. Best of all, you’ll understand this truth in a way you can teach and share with anyone.

This is just one example of how The Holman Apologetics Commentary takes on every passage that is difficult or has been used by others to question and confuse people into false belief.

A Valuable Addition to Your Digital Library

Gospels and Acts is the first volume in this breakthrough commentary series, and I hope you’ll try it for yourself. B&H Publishing (our parent company) is committed to publishing this Apologetics Commentary on the entire Bible. It will become an important resource in your library, as every day the Christian faith comes under attack from a new direction.

The Holman Apologetics Commentary will give you answers and confidence as you serve others in ministry. Just click here for more details. Then, download a copy for your library and you can be enjoying this excellent work within minutes. As always, I guarantee you’ll be delighted or I’ll be happy to refund your purchase.

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Staff Pick – God Behaving Badly

GodBehavingBadlySometimes when I am reading the Old Testament, I have to stop and say, “Uh…what?” God can come off, well, angry, sexist and racist. It sometimes even seems worse compared to how loving and kind Jesus was in the New Testament, causing people to separate God into the mean, scary Old Testament God verses the nice New Testament Jesus. How do we reconcile these seemingly different portrayals of God?

That’s where David Lamb and God Behaving Badly come in. He wants us to discuss and study the hard questions that most of us ignore because we don’t understand. Each chapter is dedicated to a question about God’s character, like “Is God Angry or Loving?” and “Is God Legalistic or Gracious?” Using biblical references that we are uncomfortable with, he explains the historical circumstances to show how what God does is for good, even though it seems harsh to us.

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Superb Resource for Defending Your Christian Faith – Plus More News

BakerEncycApolIt’s probably no surprise to you that the Christian faith has been under vehement assault, more so lately than any other time I can remember. These assaults on our long-held beliefs come from every direction: cults, atheism, extreme philosophies, science, skeptics, academics, competing religions, the list goes on and on. Never has it been more important for every Christian believer and leader to sharpen his or her skills in defending our faith. This is also known as “apologetics,” and today, I’d like to encourage you shore up your digital library with the best single-volume apologetics work I’ve found, the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics. This 850 page masterpiece is a bargain at our regular price of $54.95, but, for the next 4 days I’m putting it on sale for only $29.95Click here to order yours now.

Dr. Norman Geisler Is an Expert on Defending the Faith

Norman Geisler certainly has the experience and credentials to produce such an authoritative reference work. He has taught apologetics and philosophy at the graduate level for over 50 years at leading seminaries like Trinity Evangelical Seminary and Dallas Seminary. This encyclopedia has become a standard in apologetics with praise from such leaders as Josh McDowell, Paige Patterson, Charles Colson, Ravi Zacharias and many others. Click here to read what they have to say.

The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics Covers Everything You Can Think of to Defend Your Faith

Every subject, topic, cult, religion, philosophy, argument, objection and question is covered in detail. Geisler gives straightforward, intelligent and detailed answers and information, always in defense of the Christian faith.

Do you know the difference between Agnosticism and Acognosticism? It’s an important distinction to understand, especially when compared to Atheism. Dr. Geisler details crucial differences like these in a way that is easy to understand and remember. Plus, you’ll find lengthy essays on important subjects, such as: First principles, All the famous arguments for God existence, Naturalism, Neopaganism, Pantheism, Biblical criticism, Evidence for the Resurrection, Bible Difficulties, Science and the Bible, Evolution, The Big Bang Theory and much more.

This Special Offer Ends on Monday

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Christmas is my favorite time of year and I’ll bet you feel the same way. Nobody celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus like Christians because for us, Jesus is everything! It’s a time for family and renewed faith as we look forward to the coming year of opportunity in ministry.

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