Free Friday! Aging Gracefully

Free Book Friday for Bible Software

Most of us give scant recognition to the aging process until we begin to notice physical changes: a wrinkle in the corner of the eye or mouth, a gray hair in the head or eyebrow, an “age” spot on the back of the hand, or some other common indicator. When one or more of these “symptoms” appear, our responses range from quiet resignation to full-blown panic. So, how are you dealing with the fact of your aging? Aging is a process of change; it is both inevitable and irresistible. If we wish to enjoy the later part of life (or any other part for that matter), we must learn to adapt to the changes that come our way.

Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $12.95, is Aging Gracefully: Keeping the Joy in the Journey by David L. Petty.

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