Saturday’s Roundup

saturday roundup

“I have downsized my library thanks to WORDsearch. I also have access to it from anywhere.” 

“Ease of use and the sync feature means every book open comes to same Scripture for reference!” 

“Portability, faster searching, lower cost.” 

“For the powerful tools, ease of use, and the massive amounts of information at my fingertips.”

Happy November roundup readers! The quotes above are just a few of the responses we received when we asked you the number one reason to use Bible software on Facebook. It was fun to hear how our work helps you in your ministry, and we are so grateful for your participation! If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, what are you waiting for? Join the conversation!

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Get to Know Donald Cantrell

donald cantrellDonald Cantrell has been a preacher of the gospel since 1980. His goal in writing books is to be helpful to ministers who may need a simple thought to prompt them in developing a mighty message. His hope is to be practical, preachable, and accessible to the busy and pressured pastor.

In addition to preaching and writing, Donald has been active in personal sermon consulting and research, offering help with individual sermon development, subject research, Bible character studies, and sermon series. He has also helped various pastorates with the leading of revivals.

With the new release of his Bible Commentary Snapshots on WORDsearch today, we talked with the Florida Gators fan about his alliteration style, preaching, and his writing process.

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Donald Cantrell Shares His Secrets for Preaching, Teaching & Bible Study

cantrellbundleIf you’re like most WORDsearch users, you belong to a rare group of people I refer to as Content Creators. You love digging deeply into God’s Word, and with what you discover, you create new things, such as sermons or Bible study lessons. Others consume the things you create, and as a result, they are fed the truth, inspired, blessed and drawn closer to God. I thank God for Content Creators like you because you are a minister.

Introducing Cantrell’s Complete Preaching & Teaching Collection – Written for Content Creators like you.

Donald Cantrell is a preaching and teaching machine. Cantrell has pastored for over 30 years and has assembled a tremendous collection of preaching and teaching helps that WORDsearch just released in Cantrell’s Complete Preaching & Teaching Collection. This 9-volume set normally costs $179.70. You can add it to your digital library for $79.95 for a limited time. Click here to learn more or download this package now. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898. Mention special offer 8162.

9 Volumes That Will Help You Preach & Teach

The first 3 volumes of this Collection are Cantrell’s Splendid Sermon Outlines, containing 150 detailed sermon outlines on a wide range of Scripture and topics. Here’s a sample outline for a message Cantrell titles Good Things Happen When Jesus Is in the House. (based on Mark 2:1-12). Cantrell is a master of alliteration. You’ll notice this right away.

  1. The Multitude & Their Location (1-2)
    “The Wonderful Appearance”
    A. The Noised Return of Christ & His Worth
    B. The Noted Reception of Christ—His Welcome
    C. The Natural Response of Christ—His Word
  2. The Man & His Situation (3b)
    “The Woeful Affliction”
    A. The Lowly Body of This Man—His Condition
    B. The Lonely Blight of This Man—His Consternation
    C. The Lovely Brethren of This Man—His Consideration
  3. The Men & Their Recognition (3-4)
    “The Wishful Assistance”
    A. Recognized Due to Their Fervent Concern
    B. Recognized Due to Their Focused Commitment
    C. Recognized Due to Their Faithful Characteristics
  4. The Master & His Perception (6-10)
    “The Wrongful Accusations”
    A. Jesus Divinely Recognized Their Thoughts
    B. Jesus Deliberately Revealed Their Thoughts
    C. Jesus Diligently Rebuked Their Thoughts
  5. The Miracle & Its Magnification (5, 10, 11, 12)
    “The Watchful Attraction”

    A. The Personal Forgiveness of His Sins
    B. The Powerful Freeing of His Symptoms
    C. The Public Frenzy of His Story

A brand new release by Donald Cantrell, included in this collection, is 365 Sensational Sermon Snapshots. Cantrell provides you with a Scripture for each day of the year and an alliterated sermon outline from which you can develop a complete sermon or lesson. I’ve included below a “snapshot” of Day 124 below. I think you’ll see how helpful this can be for your ministry.

WORDsearch Makes It Even More Powerful

You already know when you combine works like these with your other tools in WORDsearch it makes your cross-referencing and searching faster and easier. People tell me all the time that WORDsearch “makes me a better student of God’s Word, which makes me a better teacher of God’s Word.”

Readable, Preachable, Teachable

Cantrell’s thoughtful study and sharp focus of God’s Word have been described by others asreadable, preachable and teachable. I couldn’t agree more, and I think you will too. I hope you’ll take advantage of this special offer and add Cantrell’s Complete Preaching & Teaching Collectionto your digital library today. Click here to order, and you can be enjoying this bundle within minutes. I’m sure you’ll be delighted, or I’ll be happy to refund your purchase. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8162.

In His Service,

Jim Baird