Free Friday! Holy in Christ

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The call of God is the manifestation in time of the purpose of eternity: “Whom He predestinated, them He also called.” Believers are “the called according to His purpose.” In His call He reveals to us what His thoughts and His will concerning us are, and what the life to which He invites us. In His call He makes clear to us what the hope of our calling is; as we spiritually apprehend and enter into this, our life on earth will be the reflection of His purpose in eternity.

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $9.95, is Holy in Christ by Andrew Murray.

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Free Friday! Preaching Evangelistically

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Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $14.95, is Preaching Evangelistically by Al Fasol, Roy Fish, Steve Gaines, and Ralph Douglas West.

While evangelistic churches should try to be seeker friendly, their priority is to be Savior focused. We should strive to be gracious to those present in a worship service, providing comforts such as good lighting, relaxed seating, and appropriate temperature. But we should never focus on the people who are attending the worship service to the neglect of God. Jesus said that if we will worship and seek Him in spirit and truth, He will in turn seek us to be His worshippers (see John 4:23-24). If people leave a worship service saying, “What a preacher!” “What a sermon!” “What a choir!” or “What a church!” then we have failed. But if they leave a worship service saying, “Hallelujah, what a Savior!” then we have succeeded!

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Free Friday! The Leadership Lessons of Jesus

Free Book Friday for WORDsearch Bible Software

Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $9.95, is The Leadership Lessons of Jesus by Bob Briner and Ray Pritchard.

The idea of a “calling,” particularly for those not employed in some sort of professional ministry, is often seen as archaic, impractical, or quaint, even by Christians.

This view is damaging, however, both to God’s kingdom and to individual lives and careers. As Christians, we must understand that God has a call on our entire lives, including our careers. To see this any differently denies both allegiance to God as our Creator and an understanding of the unbelievable price Jesus paid for us on the cross. It keeps us from living fully integrated lives in which all things work in synergy for our good and for the building of God’s kingdom.

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Free Friday! The Lamb of God

Free Book Friday for Bible Software
It’s Free Friday and today’s free download, usually $5.95, is The Lamb of God by W. Robertson Nicoll.

And how gently He bore His sufferings! We remember the impressive silence which He maintained before the furious and malignant storm of accusation at the bar of Pilate. We remember how, amidst a series of insults and torture which makes us shudder to read of, when the thorns were crushed into His brow, and the faded scarlet thrown round Him, and the reed put into His hand and then wrested from Him and used to strike Him again and again, not one word of reproach, or protest, or anger, escaped His lips. We remember “what a grace He had, even in His dying hour”; how He prayed when the nails were driven through His hands, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”; how He opened Paradise to the penitent thief at His side; how He died with no word of bitterness upon His lips. And therein, as in all His life, we behold His exceeding gentleness.

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Free Friday! Messages on Prayer

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Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $9.95, is Messages on Prayer by B.H. Carroll.

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Free Friday! Easter Edition


Hi everyone! This week we are offering a bundle of free books for you to download for your library.

You can find it over on the Easter sale page over on our website.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful Easter weekend.