iOS Update – Live Streaming


Great news for iPhone and iPad users! The WORDsearch iOS app has been improved in ways you’ll find more useful than ever.

The most exciting part of this update is that your iOS app now has live streaming of books. This means that any time you have an internet connection, you can open your library and use your books without downloading them to your mobile device. Just tap on any book and it will automatically open without downloading. This will save space on your device.  The live streaming is fast, just like you have the books loaded on your device. You’ll find that even large files now stream quickly, making it easier to access language tools, dictionaries, and large commentaries on your iPad or iPhone.

You can still download books by tapping the Book Information button and selecting Download for use when you will be offline.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve your mobile experience with WORDsearch.

 Let us know what you think about the live streaming! Leave a comment.

Learn More About New Features in iOS App


If you have updated your app from the Apple store, you’ll notice that it has a new look, including a re-designed home screen with better views of your personal library. You can learn more about each book, organize your books into different collections, and have your app open to the last book you were reading. It also includes improved cross-reference tools and searching within text, so that each search is saved after you look at the results.


Check out some of the new features available in the update.

Collections NEW

You can now limit your home screen to see different collections of books for easier referral. You can choose to either see All Books, Recently Read, Archived, Downloaded and Not Downloaded. To do this, tap All Books at the top of your home screen, and select the option of which books you would like to see.


Book Information NEW

To easily read a book’s description in your library, simply tap the Book Information icon, and you will be able to read the details about the book. If the book is not downloaded, you will also see the option to Download, and if you have already downloaded the book, you see the options of Read Now or Archive (to add to your Archive collection).


Back to Reading – NEW

Anytime you are on the home screen or in settings, you will see a bar at the bottom of the screen that says Back to Reading, with your most recent previously read book listed underneath. To open your book, simply tap the bar and it will take you right back to where you last left off.


More Options in Settings – NEW

Instead of having to search through your library every time you open the app, you can turn on the app’s new option of defaulting to open the app in the last book you had opened. This saves time and gets you back into your book with no distractions.


Download or upgrade the free app at the iTunes store now. Or, click here to see all that the WORDsearch Bible app can do.

What do you think of the new update?

Latest iOS Update


We are excited to let you know about the latest round of improvements available for WORDsearch’s new iPad app (the one with the blue logo). A new update is now available in the App Store, so all you have to do is look in your App Store – Updates and when you see the WORDsearch icon, touch update.

IPadPhoneBSome of the improvements in this update include:

  • A smoother log-in experience.  Instead of asking for both LifeWay and WORDsearch IDs, all you will need is your WORDsearch email address and password associated with your online account to sign-in.
  • A multi-step tutorial the first time you start the app. The tutorial will explain how to use some of the features, and can be accessed at anytime on the menu screen if you need to review it again.
  • Improved book loading speed. All your available books should now sync into your app within just a minute or two.
  • Much greater overall performance. Many of the lags and/or freezes in the app have been fixed so it can operate much faster when scrolling, switching categories, opening books, etc.
  • New “Stop Download” feature. If you accidentally click on a book you didn’t intend to download, you can click the book again, and it will bring up a pop-up window to ask if you want to cancel the download.
  • More books. Many more book titles are now available. 4,500 titles are now in the app, with a small amount still being worked on to be included.
  • Easier reading. The pop-up window text size is now the same as the default text size.

Even better news? We aren’t stopping here—you can expect even more updates and improvements soon. Thank you for continued loyalty and support as we continue to work on the app. Watch for further release updates in the future.

Quick Tips – Home Screen Basics on iPad and iPhone

Everything  looks a little different on the new iPad and iPhone WORDsearch App, so here are some basic tips about the home screen and what you can do.

Entering Your Library

To enter your library, tap on the WORDsearch App’s icon.



The app will open to the home page, and your books will look transparent. NOTE: This is not the store like in the old app, this is the books you own. It will show All Books by default.

Allbooks HOME

The book that is selected will appear a little bigger than the others, and  scrolling down will show you a short description of the book.


Downloading a Book

To download a book, tap on the book cover. You can scroll through the books by by swiping through them , either from left-to-right or right-to-left.

When it starts downloading you will see a little blue bar appear on the cover.


When the book is finished downloading, the cover will become more solid looking.

Finding a Book in the Library

To see your books in different categories,  hold your finger on All Books and swipe left. You can swipe through all the categories. To go back, swipe right, and you can go back to an earlier category. The categories are listed in alphabetical order.


Another way to see the categories is to touch the arrow shown in the red box below.


The categories will come up in a list view that you can easily tap to view books in that category.


Another way to find a book in your library is to use the Search bar at the top of the home screen.


The Search bar will filter your books by title, author or short name so that you don’t have to look through all of your books.


List View

To see your books in list view, tap on the left icon that looks like three lines in the left of the home screen.


You books will appear in a list view, with the ones you have downloaded in bolder font. You can download books from this view as well by just touching the title of the book. In this example, I own all volumes of 52 New Testament Sermon Starters, but have only downloaded Volume One.


To go back to shelf view, tap on the first icon.


Purchasing Books

You can access the store by touching the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen.


To go back to the library from the store, touch Library.


To change settings, log-in to other accounts and sync your library, touch the little head icon in the left-hand corner of the home screen.


This is also where you can set your Default Bible (the bible that will pop-up when you touch a Bible reference in a commentary or book in the reading pane).


Touch Settings, then Default Translation to choose which one you want. It must be a downloaded Bible.


From the home screen you can also do a Search within text. This is where you can search your library’s contents for a term.


Type the term in the pop-up pop and touch Search.  It will show you how many times that term appears per category.


Tap the category to see what specific books include your term.


 Tap the book you would like to see results from to see where in the book it mentions your search term.


Tap the result, and it will take you to that part of the book in your reading pane.

SearchResOpenBookHopefully these tips will help you use your new iPad app a little better! Have you found any tips that could help out other users? Let us know! 

Quick Tips – How to Update Your iPad App

Step 1
If your WORDsearch app has not been updated yet, you will see a notification (indicated by a red 1) in the corner of your App Store icon on your home screen.


Step 2

Tap the App Store icon, and you will be taken to an Updates screen. If you are not, tap the Updates icon in the bottom right of the App Store.


Step 3

Next to the WORDsearch Bible app icon, tap the UPDATE button. If you have other apps that need to be updated, you will see those listed, as well. Simply tap UPDATE ALL to update all of your apps, including WORDsearch. Please note: If you choose to update all apps, you might experience a longer wait time.


Depending on your settings, you may be asked to log in to your Apple account to authorize the update. You will not be charged for updating the WORDsearch app, and, upon entering your information, you will be returned to your home screen as the app installs.


 If you’ve never downloaded WORDsearch Bible for your iPad, iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S and 5) or iPod Touch, simply search WORDsearch Bible in the App Store and tap on the download button.

Your Original WORDsearch iPad App is Now Available for Reinstalling

Here is some good news if you’ve been wanting us to bring back the original WORDsearchiPad app. Your old app is now available. You can reinstall it and use it as you did in the past.

WORDsearch Bible Classic – In the App Store Now

While we continue fixing the bugs in the new app, you can now reinstall your original version of the app. We were required to give it a new name, so just go to the Apple App Store and search for WORDsearch Bible Classic. If you are on your iPad now, you can find it by clicking here.

Just sign in with your email address and password to install. If you’ve already installed the new app, it’s not necessary to delete it from your iPad. This way, you’ll automatically be notified each time a corrected and updated version of the new app is available. You can have both apps on your iPad at the same time. It’s your choice. You can run the old app, the new app or both.

All your original notes, highlights and bookmarks will come back to you with the old app (but not notes you’ve put into the new app). We will continue releasing additional updates to the new app, including a future update that installs all your notes, highlights and bookmarks from the old app.

Thank you again for your patience as we continue working to make your new app an excellent tool for your Bible study.

Your friend in Christ,

David Seibert