Quick Tip – Customizing Your Library


This is a basic Quick Tip, but one that can really help you out if you want to remove or restore a book in your library. This is especially helpful if some of your books have become locked and you know you are not going to purchase them in the future. Removing these books can organize your library and open up space on your hard drive. Removing locked books can help you clear out your library at certain times when you know you won’t use the book or are finished with it, and you can always restore these books later on when you want to use them and see them back on your shelf.

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Guest Post – Stacks


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A pastor once joked about what he is paid to do.

He said he is not paid to preach because that is what he loves and is gifted to do.

He said he is not paid to minister to people because God called him and put that heart within him.

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Quick Tips – Narrow Your Search with Topic Explorer


The Topic Explorer in WORDsearch is a powerful tool that searches your entire library for a single subject in seconds. Instead of searching every word of every book for your search term, the Topic Explorer narrows your search by looking only at the the titles of articles and chapters that include or are related to your search term. Imagine searching the subject indexes of all of your books in an instant, and you’ll have imagined the Topic Explorer.

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Super Sale On Our Best Tools for Preaching & Teaching

CBLandPITIToday I’m offering our best deal ever on our most popular study bundle, The Complete Biblical Library (CBL). This amazing reference library involved over 500 scholars and took more than 20 years to complete. The original book edition of this set has been out of print since 2001, but demand for this work has remained high.

Last week I saw a set for sale on eBay for $1,799.99! That seems a little crazy because for the next 14 days, I’ve lowered the price on this 39-volume set to just $399.95. Plus, I’m including our popular Preach It Teach It Library at no extra charge (an additional $499.95 value). Click here for complete details. Or, call us now at 1-800-888-9898Easy payment plans are available. Mention Special Offer 6756.

The Complete Biblical Library – A Premium Study Tool 

The Complete Biblical Library does something never before attempted in Bible reference publishing. CBL combines all your study tools into a single, integrated source. Here’s what you’ll have at your fingertips:

  • Comparison of over 100 English translations for NT, 30 for OT
  • Verse-by-verse commentary by noted scholars covering the entire Bible
  • 5-Line Greek and Hebrew Interlinear Bible
  • Textual Apparatus that compares Greek manuscripts
  • Fresh word studies of all 5,457 NT Greek words
  • Fresh word studies of all 9,014 OT Hebrew words
  • Unique, original language-driven concordance
  • Side-by-side Harmony of the Gospels (unlike any other)
  • Outlines and Overviews for every book of the Bible
  • Hot links to Strong’s on every word
  • Cross-references to other major lexical tools
  • A unique Greek Grammar

The Complete Biblical Library has been equally praised by pastors, laymen and theologians at the highest levels of scholarship. Click here for testimonials from Christian leaders.

WORDsearch Makes This Better Than the Original!

The original publishers of The Complete Biblical Library have told us this electronic version far exceeds their intentions for this ambitious undertaking. WORDsearch makes using these tools much easier with lightning-fast cross referencing. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how well the CBL seamlessly integrates with all your other WORDsearch study tools.

This Bonus Bundle Includes the Preach It Teach It Library FREE!

That’s right! The Preach It Teach It Library is one of our most popular bundles containing 189 study tools, including: 17 Bibles, 31 Commentaries, 8 Counseling Works, 3 Daily Devotionals, 10 Dictionaries, 11 Greek and Hebrew Helps, 15 Handbooks, 17 History/Culture Tools, 6 Books of Illustrations, 9 Leadership and Personal Development Works, 7 Theology-Apologetics Works, 3 Evangelism Works, 10 Christian Living Tools, 3 Prayer Resources, 5 Maps/Photos/Art Tools, 6 Small Group Resources, 5 Study Helps, 2 Bible Surveys, 12 Theology Resources, 5 Topical Cross Reference Tools, plus our popular LESSONmaker Adult Questions.

See for yourself by viewing a short demo-video.

These 2 WORDsearch libraries contain too many resources to be described in an email. Please click on any of these links to learn all the details and you’ll see why so many Christian leaders have given CBL their endorsement. I’ve even posted a short demonstration video that shows this remarkable reference tool in action. JUST CLICK HERE.

I’d like to invite you to try The Complete Biblical Library today. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. Try it for 60 days, and, if for any reason you are not delighted, return it for a full refund. Click here to order your CBL set today. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898. Mention special offer 6756. Ask about our Easy Payment Option. I understand that 14 days is a short time to raise the money for a large library. 8 easy payments of just $50 puts it within reach. And you get the benefit using your new library immediately!

Quick Tip – Finding a Book in Your Library


We’ve all been there. You download a book, can’t wait to read it, open Wordsearch and then…you can’t find it. Today’s Quick Tip will give you some information to help solve this problem and get to reading!

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