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October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and here at WORDsearch we hope you know how much we appreciate you and the work you do for the kingdom. We admire the divine call on the lives of pastors and the sacrifices they make for others every day. We know how busy you are, so in case you missed any of our emails or releases, here’s what’s been happening at WORDsearch this week.

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4-Day Alliteration Celebration Plus More News

alliteration_bundleNothing enhances great communication like effective alliteration. Your proclamations and communication can be a sensation with proper alliteration. Okay, you get the point. I love good alliteration because it makes preaching and teaching memorable. That’s why we’ve gathered our most popular alliteration tools and put them all on sale for the next 4 daysJust click here and you can browse dozens of resources, all chosen for their outstanding use of alliteration.

Sample the Best with Our Alliteration Celebration Bundle

We’ve gathered 7 of our top alliterated works into the Alliteration Celebration Bundle. It truly is a celebration of great alliteration. Purchased individually, these volumes would cost $130.70, but, for the next 4 days, it’s on sale for just $29.95Just click here to order yours now. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6952.

The WORDsearch ADVENT Sale – Only 6 Specials Remain!

Are you checking the WORDsearch Advent Sale each day? You’ll discover that each day we open a new panel on our Advent Calendar offering one-day specials on a great tool for your digital library. Bookmark this link and check the calendar every day because a few of these items are FREE! You’ll find 6 more one-day Advent specials ahead.

Christmas Sale for Preferred Customers

Make sure you visit our Christmas Sale for Preferred Customers. Dozens of our newest and most popular study tools and bundles are available at crazy-low prices through the end of the year. Just click here to browse this sale.

Christmas is a time for peace on earth and goodwill towards men. As believers, it is our holiday and we are proud to say “Merry Christmas” to all. If you’re like me, it’s a great time to make plans for the coming year, plans of service and ministry to others, following the example lived by our Savior.

In His Service,

Jim Baird

P.S. Remember to get your Alliteration Celebration Bundle before this sale expires on Monday, December 23. Click here to order yours now.

Free Friday! Mattoon’s Treasures from the Names of Jesus

TreasNames2Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free downloads, usually $29.95, are Rod Mattoon’s Treasures from the Names of Jesus, Volumes 1 & 2. Click here to download.

Christ was the alpha and omega, the A to Z. Christ is all, He is everything.

Colossians 1:16-18— For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: [17] And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. [18] And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

Jesus Christ is all you and I need. He is A to Z. A man or woman truly begins to live when Christ comes into their life. The Lord is to be number one in our life. He is to be our Alpha.

What does a child need to know in order to read? The answer is his ABC’s. Letters build thousands of words. Jesus is the Word that builds our life.

Rod Mattoon’s Treasures series features an expository, verse-by-verse commentary with an emphasis on practical application. Each commentary is outlined in an alliterated style and features sermon illustrations that help illuminate the Bible text. Easy-to-understand Greek and Hebrew word studies assist the student in gaining a deeper understanding of Scripture. Topical and character trait studies are also included where pertinent to the passage being covered.

Dr. Rod Mattoon was saved at the age of 15 in August of 1971 on a mission trip to Camp of the Woods near Dryden, Ontario, Canada. On the same night that he was saved, Mattoon dedicated his life to the ministry of the word of God.

After you have read the book, we would love to hear what you thought in the Customer Reviews box on the bottom of the book’s page. Have you read anything that has inspired you lately? Let us know!

New Release from Dr. Rod Mattoon – Plus Specials, News & Info

Dr. Rod Mattoon has just released Treasures from Job, Volume 2 in the best-selling commentary series, Treasures from the Scriptures. This volume covers chapters 14-42 of Job, the great story of trial, suffering, hope and faith. For a limited time it’s on sale for just $14.95. In fact, all 46 volumes in the Treasures Series are currently just $14.95 each. Click here to order Treasures from Job, Volume 2.

Discover Rod Mattoon’s Commentary Series 

If you haven’t yet experienced one of Dr. Mattoon’s commentaries, do yourself a favor and try one. Mattoon is a master of uncovering core Bible truth and explaining it in plain English. His work is loaded with illustrations, applications and alliteration.Click here to see all 46 volumes that are currently available. Or, you’ll find the entire 46-volume set on sale for just $219.95 by clicking here. It’s regularly $915.90.

New: The Hardest Sermons You’ll Ever Have to Preach - $19.95

This indispensable resource helps you prepare sermons and comfort others in the face of inevitable tragedy. The Hardest Sermons You’ll Ever Have to Preach by Bryan Chapell offers sensitive insight into ministering to the challenges of human suffering. Each topic provides a specific description of the context of the tragedy, the key concerns that need to be addressed in a message, and an outline of the approach taken in the sample sermon that follows. Topics addressed include: abortionabuse; responding to national and community tragedies; the death of a child; death due to cancer andprolonged sickness; death due to drunk drivingdrug abuse; andsuicideClick here, for details.

Willmington’s Complete Guide to Bible Knowledge – Ends Monday

Take advantage of our 14-day sale on theWillmington’s Complete Guide to Bible Knowledge Bundle. Dr. Harold Willmington carefully dispenses Bible knowledge with this 6-vol. set that includes: NT Survey, OT Survey, NT People, OT People, Life of Christ and Introduction to Theology. Reg. $179.95, this outstanding resouce is now just $79.95 through Nov. 18. Click here to order yours now and save over 50%. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6908.

WORDsearch Pick 4 Sale! - Ends Nov. 30

We’ve carefully selected 25 popular reference bundles for this sale.Simply browse the selectionand choose any 4 packages. Pay just 4 monthly installments of $100. For example, you might choose thePreaching the Word Series,The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible NT, the New Testament for Everyone Commentaryand75,000 Sermon Illustrations Bundle. That’s $844.80 worth of sale-priced books for just 4 monthly payments of $100. Pick 5, Pick 6 or Pick 7 and save even more! Begin using your new resources immediately. Click here for details. To set up your interest-free easy payments, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6908.

Good News for Our Mac Users!

If you’ve recently upgraded your Mac to the new Mavericks operating system, you may have run into some incompatibilities with WORDsearch. Our team has repaired the problem, but in order to apply the repair to your WORDsearch, you will need a new program update link. You can request your upload by contacting us via email at or by calling 1-800-888-9898. You will receive a link along with instructions on how to download the program update. Thank you for your patience with us in getting this problem corrected.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and others who preach and teach to change lives. I hope you’ll take advantage of these specials before they expire.

In His Service,

Jim Baird

A Low-Cost Graduation Gift That Will Be Valued for a Lifetime!

graduation_gift2Graduation is just around the corner, and if you’re like most church leaders, you’re looking for something to help honor your upcoming graduates. Here’s the perfect solution: QuickVerse Bible Suite.

This Year, Give Graduates an Entire Bible Study Library
QuickVerse Bible Suite is a full-blown Bible study library that will serve any high school or college graduate forever. The retail price of this new package is $39.95. For a limited time your price is just $9.95 each! Click here to order, and we’ll rush your gift sets immediately. Or, call 1-800-888-9898 (Mention special offer 6561).

Introducing QuickVerse Bible Suite
QuickVerse runs on nearly any PC or Mac. It’s as easy to use as a web browser, and it works with every product sold by WORDsearch. In fact, it’s modeled on the WORDsearch platform. Here’s a short list of the helpful Bible study tools that are included:

9 Bible Translations • 19 Commentaries • 4 Devotionals • 4 Dictionaries • 3 Greek and Hebrew Helps • 4 Bible Handbooks • 12 History/Culture Resources • 2 Study Bibles • 6 Study Helps • 5 Devotionals • 5 Theology Tools • 3 Topical/Cross Reference Helps • and more! Over 131 resources in all!

A Digital Library that Will Always be Available
WORDsearch has been providing digital Bible libraries since 1987. Anyone with a WORDsearch or QuickVerse library can feel confident it will be supported for a lifetime. Here’s what’s ahead for you and anyone receiving one of theseQuickVerse Bible Suite libraries:

Immediate access to:   

FREE iPad App

FREE tech support

FREE live online training

Coming soon – FREE cloud access to your entire digital library and new apps allowing you access across multiple mobile devices!

QuickVerse Bible Suite – Available for a Limited Time

This special Graduation Edition is not available everywhere. These professional grade boxed sets are available to you, our preferred customer. We’ve set up a special web page with complete details and easy online ordering. Just click here.

Bless Your Graduates Today – and Others Too!

Graduates appreciate these Bible libraries, but they’re also great gifts for: New Members, Evangelists, Sunday School Teachers, Holiday Gifts, Small Groups, Special Events, Missionaries, Visitors and Others. At just $9.95 each, you’ll be glad to have a few extra copies of this library on hand.

QUESTIONS? Feel free to call us at 1-800-888-9898. Just mention special offer 6561. We’ll be happy to assist you and get your gift sets shipped to you immediately.

As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Hurry! Order now to get your QuickVerse Bible Suite packages in time for graduation. Just click here to order.

P.S. Don’t forget our sale on Mattoon ends Sunday! These volumes are regularly $19.95 each, but if you act immediately you’ll get the both volumes for $19.95 per volume. This half-price sale will end Sunday, April 21. Just click here

WORDsearch Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Sale – Limited Time

B1G1F2013Welcome to the 2013 Buy One, Get One Free Sale! We do this sale only once a year for a short period. Here’s how it works: when you purchase one of the 28 Bible study tools that are on sale and included in this offer, you can choose another package (of equal or lesser value) to take for free. There is no limit. So, if you buy 2 packages, you can take 2 additional packages for free. If you purchase 5, get another 5 for free. You’ll find a variety of sets on sale between $24.95 and $499.95.

Commentaries, Bible Studies, Dictionaries, Illustrations and More

This year you’ll find more than just commentaries on sale. We’ve added some excellent tools for group studies, like the popular Following God Series. Now is a great time to build your library with powerful tools like Spiros Zodhiates’ Ultimate Word Study Bundle, or the HCSB Reverse InterlinearAll of these tools are already sale priced, and you’ll double your value by taking one free for each one you purchase!

If you’ve been hoping for a deal on any of these excellent resources, now is the time to take action. JUST CLICK HERE to browse the sets included in this Buy One, Get One Freeoffer. It’s one of the benefits of receiving emails like this from WORDsearch. If you prefer ordering by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 (mention special offer 6552).

Hurry, This Sale Is for a Limited Time

Many of the authors and publishers we work with are kind enough to permit us to offer special sale prices on their copyrighted works for brief periods. That’s why this email special will end soon.

Best-selling authors

This new selection of Buy One, Get One Free includes some of our most popular titles with names like Butler, Holman, Mattoon, Wycliffe, Ryrie and BarclayJUST CLICK HERE to browse the complete list.


If you have any questions, we’d love to have you call us at 1-800-888-9898 (mention special offer 6552).

Remember, all 28 of these package are on sale at discounted prices. For a limited time you can double your discount with this Buy One, Get One Free offer. There is no limit to the pairs of packages you may select.

When You Purchase Online…

Just select the package you want and add it to your shopping cart. You’ll notice the package you add will display its list price and sale price. Click the Continue Shopping button. When you add a second package you will see both products have been further discounted. Your total discount will equal the sale price of one package. This will happen with each pair of products you add to your cart, and you’ll always see displayed a Summary Total that shows what you will pay at checkout.