Technology Advances Coming Soon


As you might have noticed, we have a few changes going on at WORDsearch. Here are some updates on the technology advances that are coming soon.


NEW: WORDsearch Bible 10

Enhancements to WORDsearch 10 desktop software are coming soon. Features such as automatic book updates, account synchronization and My Library Report will be introduced. We will have further details about enhancements when it is released.


NEW: iPad/iPhone App

In the new release coming soon, bug issues will be addressed, copy/paste feature will be added and more books will be available for your library. We are currently working on restoring notes and annotations. Thank you so much for your patience with this app.


NEW: Android App

Phase I of the Android App is coming soon. This app will be primarily an e-reader with the capability to work on phones and tablets. Access to your digital library on your Android device is finally coming. More features are being developed.


WORDsearch and, LifeWay’s premiere online service to read and study the Bible, are fully compatible! This means MyStudyBible can serve you as WORDsearch in the cloud.

We will be giving you more information as we move forward with each of these developments. Thanks for hanging in there with us!