New: Baker Exegetical Commentary on the NT – Rare 7-Day Sale

Baker Exegetical Commentary, New Testament, BECNT, WORDsearch, booksOne of our most frequently requested works is the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (also known as the BECNT). It’s one of the most recent, scholarly, and conservative commentaries available. Today, I’m happy to announce this wonderful work is now available for your WORDsearch digital library. The kind of scholarship this 16 volume set delivers is expensive to produce, and those who purchase it in print form can expect to pay $785 plus shipping. But, for the next 7 days only, I’ve arranged an agreement with Baker Publishing, one of the most respected academic Christian publishers, to make it available in your QuickVerse library for only $499.95. We’re even offering an interest-free, easy payment plan. Just pay $50 now, take the whole set today, and pay the balance off in 9 more installments of $50. Click here for more details or to add the BECNT to your digital library today. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8296.

6 Reasons You’ll Love the Baker Exegetical Commentary

1. It’s Exegetical, carefully taking you verse-by-verse and passage-by-passage from Matthew through Revelation. The scholarly authors of this set don’t miss a thing. They apply the most up-to-date application of scholarship to every text. They dig deeply into areas of disagreement among theologians, giving the strengths and weakness of each side. The authors admit their own limitations, yet uphold a high standard towards biblical accuracy.

2. Language Issues are a critical concern. Whether you are a scholar or a layman, you will appreciate the brilliant way the BECNT handles explaining the nuances of the ancient languages. The Baker authors will take you deep into the Greek. If you read Greek (and many times the Hebrew, too), you’ll find they often cite the text in the original language. If you need a little help, you’ll find the transliteration, showing how it’s pronounced. Even if you have no Greek knowledge, the authors provide the closest possible translation and before long, many of these Greek words will become familiar to you.

3. Background material that’s like spending the day with a world-class historian. In each book, before you ever get to the commentary section, you’ll find a “book within a book” that offers rich background information including sections like: Overviews, Distinctive Aspects, Literary Matters, Historical Origins, Authorship, Textual History, Theological Emphases, Christology, Canonicity, Relationship to other books, and much more.

4. Surprising data that you may have never thought about. I never realized how often Matthew used the Greek word for Kingdom (basilleia) in his Gospel. It occurs 55 times, compared to 20 times in Mark, 46 times in Luke and only 4 times in John. You’ll find lots of charts that graphically demonstrate the harmony (and sometimes the contrast) of words used by the different writers who describe the same events.

5. Beautiful outlines that will assist you in organizing sermons and lessons. The book of Matthew is just 28 chapters in length, yet the outline of Matthew is 153 lines long. The authors of the BECNT do not overlook even the smallest detail. Just browse the outlines and you’ll get inspiring ideas.

6. QuickVerse makes it better than having a printed edition. You already know this, but QuickVerse saves you from hours of page turning to look things up. Searching is fast and easy, and your commentary stays in sync with any Bible translation of your choice. Click on a word to access your language tools for more information. Mouse-over a footnote to find a source. Find something you can use and drag it to a document where you’re creating a sermon or lesson.

Just 10 Interest-Free Payments of $50

That’s right. Pay just $50 now and you can be enjoying your entire set today. You can call us at 1-800-888-9898 and we’ll set up your payment plan for you. Or, you can set up your own payment plan online. It’s a new service we just added to our website. Just click here and you’ll be enjoying the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament within minutes. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8296.

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Jim Baird

The Pastor/Teacher’s Toolkit: Bible Surveys

bible survey, student, pastor, teacher, wordsearch bibleWith 66 books written at different times, by different people, and for different purposes, the Bible can be confusing even to seasoned students of Scripture. One can easily get lost in the details and lose sight of the big picture—you can read an Old or New Testament book and miss its overall themes and messages. Fortunately, there exists a tool that can remedy this problem and bring clarity to potential confusion—the Bible survey.

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Dr. George Brooks’ Amazing Preaching Commentaries – 14-Day Sale

grbooksToday I’d like to introduce you to the works of a powerful preacher and highly respected Bible scholar. His name is Dr. George Brooks. For several years, WORDsearch has been assembling the works of Dr. Brooks and, with today’s release of his 5 most recent commentary volumes, I’m putting the George Brooks Preaching Commentary Collection on sale. The retail value of this 22-volume set is $249.95. For the next 14 days, you can add it to your WORDsearch library for just $79.95. It also includes 9 bonus volumes on preachingClick here for more details, or call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8185.

Discover the Powerful Preaching Commentaries of Dr. George Brooks

George Brooks has been preaching for 37 years. Yesterday, the good people at St. James Missionary Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee honored their pastor for 30 years in the pulpit. Dr. Brooks preaches every Sunday. This is why, many years ago, Dr. Brooks began writing his Preaching Commentary Collection. Everything in Brooks’ Commentaries has been preached, by him, to his congregation.

When Dr. Brooks approaches a passage of Scripture, it is with preaching in mind. He will tell you that every sermon should start with Scripture, and should contain 3 things: Interpretation, Illustration and Application. His commentaries do this with precision, illumination and inspiration. Brooks says, “I ask myself what questions my congregants would ask about this Scripture, and I try to provide answers to those questions.”

A Preacher’s Commentary for Preachers and Teachers

Much of what you find in George Brooks’ commentaries will challenge you, excite you and inspire you. He has a gift for knowing when to slow down and tell a home-spun story to make his point personal. Sometimes he’ll pause to highlight a Greek or Hebrew word, and explain why this is important. More than anything, I appreciate his considerate clarity of thought. “I’ve got people in my church that range from small children to a 97-year-old. I have to phrase things so everyone can understand,” Brooks says.

George Brooks Will Help You “Celebrate”

One of the things I really admire about Brooks’ commentaries is each section of Scripture is handled in a way for it to be a self-contained sermon or lesson. And he often ends each section with an inspiring poem or hymn. Dr. Brooks says, “I believe the hymnal is one of the best friends of the preacher.” Sometimes he’ll conclude with what he calls a celebration. “In our church it’s common to conclude in a spirit of celebration,” Dr. Brooks says. I love this, and I think you’ll see what I mean with this example. It’s from the first chapter of Acts, where in his commentary, Brooks reminds us that “Jesus is really the primary actor in the Book of Acts.” He tells us that Jesus is important in the Book of Acts and every other book of the Bible because:

  • No condition can confine him
  • No affliction can amaze him
  • No dilemma can restrict him
  • No power can limit him
  • No enemy can defeat him
  • No pressure can control him
  • No stumbling block can obstruct him
  • No sin can corrupt him
  • No problem can perplex him
  • No difficulty can discourage him
  • No burden can crush him
  • No power can oppress him
  • No grave can hold him

Brooks offers “celebration” like this often, and it’s preachable, teachable and conducive to worship. Click here for more details.

2 George Brooks Packages Are On Sale for 14 Days

If you’re new to the works of Dr. Brooks, take the George Brooks Preaching Commentary Collection. These 22 volumes cover every New Testament book except the Gospels andRevelation (Dr. Brooks is working on Matthew now). Plus, you’ll get the OT commentary onNehemiah. As a bonus, we’ve included 9 additional volumes that Dr. Brooks has written on preaching. This includes: Offering God My Substance and Myself, The Pastor’s Love Offering, Praising and Worshiping God, Saved, Satisfied and Secure, Great Sermons From Our Past, From the Heart Of The President, The Covenant We Practice, Matchless Miracles of the Master and Expositions from Some Parables Told by Jesus. This 31-volume collection is regularly $249.95, but, through June 2, it’s just $79.95. Just click here.

If you’re already collecting George Brooks commentariesclick here to take the 5 newest commentaries just released in the George Brooks Preaching Commentary 5-Volume Bundle. Included in this new release are commentaries for: Acts (2 volumes), 1 Peter, 2 Peterand Jude. This package is normally $49.95, but, through June 2, it’s on sale for just $29.95. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898. Mention special offer 8185.

I guarantee you’ll find the George Brooks commentaries to be a tool you will refer to often. If you’re unhappy for any reason, I’ll be happy to refund your purchase.

In His Service,

Jim Baird

MacArthur Commentary – 3 New Volumes Released!

macarthurHere’s some wonderful news. WORDsearch has just released 3 new volumes in one of our most popular commentaries of all time: The MacArthur New Testament Commentary. For the next 14 days, each volume in this series is on sale for only $19.95, including the 3 new volumes on Luke. If you’ve been collecting each MacArthur volume as it is released, you can take all 3 for just $39.95. If you’ve wanted to add the entire set to your digital library, it’s now on sale for only $299.95. Click here to select the volumes you want for your library. Or, if you prefer ordering by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 (mention special offer 8174). Interest-free, easy payments are available.

Here’s Why You’ll Love MacArthur’s Commentaries:

John MacArthur gets more out of one verse than many commentaries get out of an entire chapter. See for yourself by viewing this short video demonstration. Dr. MacArthur excels at what I call, “Connecting the Scriptural Dots.” He carefully takes each passage of Scripture, brings out truths and doctrine, and then explains how this relates to the whole of the Bible. MacArthur uses Scripture to shed light on other Scripture.

For example, I found a marvelous section on the Beatitudes in Luke 6. Jesus began by saying, “Blessed are you who are poor.” MacArthur quickly reminds us the Bible commends helping those in need and he cites: Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Proverbs, Isaiah and Galatians. Of course, each of these passages can be instantly read by mousing-over the links in WORDsearch.

Next, MacArthur takes us deeper by directing our attention to the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5. He stresses that Jesus isn’t just speaking of those who are poor in finances, but poor in spirit. MacArthur gives us much to consider regarding spiritual deficiency, what this meant to His audience at the time and what it means to us today. MacArthur delivers so much inspiring material on each verse, it’s hard to read a page without thinking, hey, there’s a 4-point sermon or Bible study lesson. It’s no surprise that Dr. MacArthur is so highly regarded as a Bible scholar, preacher and educator of the Word.

30 NT Volumes for Your WORDsearch Library

Most preachers or teachers who have consulted a volume of MacArthur’s New Testament Commentary realize the value and become collectors of the entire set. No wonder over 1 million of these commentary volumes have been sold. MacArthur’s precise, thorough and unique analysis of the text is incredibly helpful for those who preach, teach or love to study God’s Word.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this great sale price and add the MacArthur New Testament Commentary volumes to your WORDsearch library. As always, I guarantee you’ll be delighted or your money back. Just click here. If you have any questions or would like to bundle this with any other books, call us at 1-800-888-9898 (mention special offer 8174).

In His Service,

Jim Baird
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P.S. – If you’re considering adding the entire 30-volume set to your digital library, call us and we’ll be happy to set up an interest-free easy payment plan of 6 monthly installments of $50.

“This commentary not only illumines the biblical text, but has practical application that is personally beneficial, and also relevant for those teaching and preaching the Word. I personally turn to these commentaries often to help me interpret the text and find those transforming principles intended to change our lives. “
- Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Sr. Pastor, The Moody Church, Chicago

Free Friday! Letters to Timothy

LettersTimothyHappy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $19.95,  is Letters to Timothy: A Handbook for Pastors by John Bisagno. Click here to download.

The word church in the New Testament is used two different ways. The first is the universal or invisible church. When you become a Christian, the Holy Spirit baptizes you into oneness not only with Jesus but also with all other believers everywhere. It is a church that exists beyond buildings, denominational lines, and international borders. It is the body of Christ, the family of God on earth. Ninety percent of the time, however, the New Testament use of the word church means a visible, locally assembled body of baptized believers worshiping together, ministering to one another, honoring him, and winning the lost.

After nearly fifty years in ministry, Letters to Timothy is John Bisagno’s retirement gift to younger and older pastors alike. A voluminous and comprehensive work, it is full of useful advice to ministers covering the “things that might have fallen through the cracks in seminary.” This book is a practical manual covering all aspects of pastoral life for clergy in churches of all sizes, locations, and denominations.

John Bisagno is Pastor Emeritus of the 22,000-member Houston’s First Baptist Church. His remarkable 30 years at Houston’s First Baptist is summed up in Rick Warren’s words: “There are some great pastors that excel in one particular area. But John has excelled at it all.” It is precisely this multi-gifted aspect that propelled him to be a dynamic evangelist, compassionate shepherd, and strong leader. In addition to being nationally recognized as a popular and effective crusade evangelist and Bible teacher, he is the author of 25 books. Dr. Bisagno has spoken at the Southern Baptist Convention, the World Congress on Evangelism, and every major state convention and state evangelism conference.

After you have read the book, we would love to hear what you thought in the Customer Reviews box on the bottom of the book’s page. Have you read anything that has inspired you lately? Let us know!

Leading Bible Scholar N.T. Wright’s New Commentary for EVERYONE

NTforEveryone1I’m thrilled to introduce you to a brand new commentary on the entire New Testament by Dr. N.T. Wright. Perhaps you’ve heard of Dr. Wright. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading Bible scholars. What makes this work stand apart from other “scholarly” works is that Dr. Wright wrote it for everyone. In fact, he titled it the New Testament for Everyone. If you preach, teach or love new discoveries in God’s Word, this new work is going to be one of your favorites. Our regular price for this 18-volume set is a bargain at $199.95, but for the next 14 days, you can take advantage of our introductory sale price of just $149.95Click here for details. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6716.

The Thoughtful “Serve Us” of Dr. Nicholas Thomas Wright
Referring to the disciple Peter, Dr. Wright tells us in his preface, “On the very first occasion when someone stood up in public to tell people about Jesus, he made it very clear: this message is for everyone.” Wright describes our New Testament as “short works—mostly letters and stories about Jesus —widely circulated and eagerly read. They were never intended for either a religious or intellectual elite. From the very beginning they were meant for everyone. That is as true today as it was then.” With this in mind, N.T. Wright has served us with an accurate and inspiring commentary that can be used as a tool of ministry by everyone.

Fresh Translation, —Inspiring Commentary,— Teachable Applications

Dr. Wright’s New Testament for Everyone does 3 things that I really like, and I think you will too:

  • A Fresh Translation – Dr. Wright precedes each commentary with his own personal translation of each text. I found it fascinating to read how Wright chose to bring each word and phrase into the English language. It’s obvious he has carefully weighed his choice of words against many other translations, and he often explains why he chose one word over another. Wright’s personal translation deepens my understanding, especially on Bible verses I thought I knew well.
  • Inspiring Commentary – If you’re like me, you are always looking for new material that is relevant to our world today. And what’s really important is to find core truths that are easy to teach and pass on to others. You’ll find this everywhere in the New Testament for Everyone.
  • Teachable Applications – Dr. Wright does more than explain what the Bible says and means. He always applies it to our lives, and makes it obvious what action God expects us to take in response to what we are learning.

Scholarship That is Hidden in Plain Sight
How does a highly-educated Bible scholar deliver depth of study without drowning regular guys like me in the complexities of Greek? N.T. Wright’s solution to this was brilliant. Dr. Wright built in a huge glossary of power words. These are the words that almost seem to glow at you when you’re reading your Bible. Words like grace, hope, kingdom, covenant, etc. Dr. Wright’s commentary is peppered with these power words, and each one appears inbold with a little icon next to it. Click on the icon and you’ll go to a deeper study of that word. Even these word studies are written in way that is easy to grasp. Dr. Wright never avoids language issues; he just puts them where they don’t get in our way.

I think you are going to love this commentary. The style of writing is so refreshing, it’s fun to read. You’ll find yourself setting out to study one particular text, and it’s so engaging you’ll just keep going to the next section and the next. That was my experience.

Take advantage of our introductory sale price for the next 14 days and add the New Testament for Everyone to your WORDsearch library. I know you’ll be delighted or I’ll happily refund your purchase. Just click here. If you prefer to order by phone, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 6716.