Free Friday! Essential Church?

Free Book Friday for Bible Software

The dropouts are not mad. Many still claim their faith. They can still have a positive view of their pastor and church. They aren’t losing their religion. Most just see no reason to stay; the church is not essential to them. It is just another social venue with which they have little in common. Dropouts feel this way because many within the church assumed that they would stay. Their parents assumed that the teachings of the church would be well received via religious osmosis. But the Great Commission explicitly commands us to teach and disciple. Neglecting this element of the gospel imperative creates an atmosphere of spiritual and doctrinal atrophy resulting in a nonessential church.

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $14.95, is Essential Church? by Thom Rainer and Sam Rainer.

Why do so many young adults (18 to 22) leave the church, and what will it take to bring them back? This important question is examined and duly answered in Essential Church?, a follow-up to Thom S. Rainer’s best-selling Simple Church, cowritten this time with his son, research expert Sam Rainer.

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