Saturday’s Roundup

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October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and here at WORDsearch we hope you know how much we appreciate you and the work you do for the kingdom. We admire the divine call on the lives of pastors and the sacrifices they make for others every day. We know how busy you are, so in case you missed any of our emails or releases, here’s what’s been happening at WORDsearch this week.

Treasures from Isaiah and the Mountains of the Bible

Many of you have heard us talking about Dr. Rod Mattoon, and that’s for good reason. Mattoon is one of our bestselling authors, with his commentary set, Treasures from the Scriptures, being used every day by pastors, teachers, and Bible students. So you could see why we are excited that this week we released two new volumes in the series. Treasures from Isaiah, Volume 1 covers the first 24 chapters of this major prophet. It’s full of outlines, illustrations, applications, and alliteration, all easy to apply to sermons and lessons. Treasures from Bible Mountains is a little different. It teaches what can be learned from the 14 famous mountains of the Bible lands. Each chapter examines one of these locations, all rich in Bible history and spiritual significance. Don’t worry, it is not just a geography lesson, it is an inspiring experience in human behavior and Christian living.

Appreciating Our Pastors

Like we mentioned above, October is Pastor Appreciation Month, so in a spirit of gratitude we set up a special pastor appreciation page with excellent tools that will benefit pastors and their ministries. Even if you aren’t officially a pastor, we know most of you probably should or could be! All serious students of God’s Word are ministers to others, and we appreciate your drive and commitment to study God’s Word. Feel free to participate in our Pastor Appreciation Sale, the page even includes some free resources, so don’t miss out.

Last Minute Reminders

The Scroggie Library sale ends Oct. 20. 

Butler Sermon Starter Set is on sale until Oct. 23.

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Don’t forget to stop and say hi on social media, we love to hear from you! Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to thank your pastor if you see them this Sunday!

Saturday’s Roundup

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In case you missed any of our emails or releases, here’s what’s been happening at WORDsearch this week.

An Underlying Theme of Redemption

I do not believe that we have to make a choice between the critical and the devotional study of the Gospels, but that the critical should be pursued devotionally, and the devotional, critically.- Scroggie

William Graham Scroggie is highly regarded when it comes to Bible study. Scholars, preachers, and Bible students alike respect his work, and he is often quoted and cited in other works of Bible scholarship. He attended Spurgeon’s Pastor’s College, and was later forced to leave his first two ministries due to his opposition to liberalism. He drew large audiences with his scholarly, yet practical exposition of the Scripture. And now, WORDsearch has just released three of his most influential works as The Scroggie Library.

Scroggie teaches us to study the Bible synthetically (putting things together) and analytically (taking things apart). He shows us how to drill down to specifics in study and how to see the Bible as a whole, where the underlying theme of all Scripture is Redemption. Each volume is filled with hundreds of charts, making it easy to visualize the teachings and organization of Scripture. This is even more powerful in WORDsearch because these charts have many Scriptural references that are hotlinks to Bible texts. Just mouse-over a link and the text will pop up for easy reference. Warren Wiersbe calls this work “indispensable.”

“Why Didn’t I See That Before?” – What You’ll Be Saying When You Read John Butler’s New Volumes

John G. Butler has single-handedly authored over 65 volumes of alliterated sermons, lessons, and study helps over the last 23 years. His half-century of ministry and lifetime of Bible study have made him a wise theologian with much to offer anyone in ministry. You’ll find that he often takes perplexing passages of Scripture and helps us see them in new ways that make perfect sense.

And now, WORDsearch has just released what many consider to be his best work yet. Butler’s Sermon Starters are far more than just starters. Each concentrates on a single Bible verse and contains an outline of 4 to 6 crisply alliterated sermon (or lesson) points as only John Butler can do. This man has a gift for alliteration. f you preach or teach, you’d agree this alone would be worth the price. But Butler always delivers more than expected. With each alliterated point, Butler offers us a paragraph or two of concentrated material. These are not full-blown sermons, but they are carefully written, containing only the distilled material you will actually use. As you read them, you’ll be encouraged to add your own illustrations, personal elements, and applications. These sermons are also Scripture synced.

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Saturday’s Roundup


Can’t believe it is October already? Neither can we! Here at WORDsearch we hope that you had a great first few days of fall, and that if you live somewhere hot like we do you got some cooler temperatures. Here is what you might have missed this week in case you were too busy outside enjoying the weather.

Full-Color Photography, Illustrations, Charts, Maps, and Timelines Galore!

This week, we were able to offer the Barbour Bundle, a combination of excellent scholarship that’s illustrated with beautiful graphic references, at our best price ever. The graphics in this bundle beautifully and appropriately reinforce the text of each work, really bringing the Bible to life. You’ll find classic paintings from the great masters of art, plus up-to-date images from current artists, illustrators, and photographers. Watch a demo video and learn more about it here.

A Christ-Centered Approach to Expositing Each Book of the Bible

Four new volumes of B&H Publishing’s Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary were released this week. Last summer when we released the first five volumes, they quickly became one of our best sellers, so check them out. Part of what is unique about this series is the Christ-centered exegetical accuracy, pastoral consideration, and illustrations & applications. The editors seek to exalt Jesus from every book of the Bible.

Last but not least, don’t forget that the Word Biblical Commentary sale is almost over. Don’t miss your chance to get this outstanding resource for 50 percent off.

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John MacArthur Calls This “The Most Comprehensive Material That Has Ever Been Written on Prayer”

exposition on prayer, wordsearch bibleToday I’m delighted to announce the new release of a 4-volume commentary that is unlike anything in your digital library. An Exposition on Prayer by Dr. Jim Rosscup is a masterpiece of scholarship that covers the entire Bible. An Exposition on Prayer is normally $149.99, but, for the next 14 days, you can take it for our introductory price of $99.95. Click here to add this outstanding resource to your digital library today. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8375.

An Exposition on Prayer – Here’s What Impressed Me:

Jim Rosscup realized that prayer is one of the most fundamental disciplines of every believer. The Bible is filled with prayer; in fact it appears in 61 of the 66 books of the Bible. Rosscup spent 15 years researching and writing this commentary that walks you through each book of the Bible, with a laser-like focus on acts of prayer.

This commentary is written in a way you’ll find useful for preaching and teaching. It covers every prayer and reference to prayer in the Bible. This includes the prayers of Christ, along with every man, woman, child, and even demons. I was amazed and inspired by what I learned about prayer each time I consulted this work while studying the Scriptures. Prayer pops up everywhere, seeming like it has been hiding in plain sight. Rosscup draws us into it, showing how prayer plays a significant role in every book of the Bible except for Esther, Song of Solomon, Obadiah, Haggai, and 2 John.

Beautiful Outlines and Alliteration

Rosscup certainly wrote this with the preacher and teacher in mind. He often outlines his points just like you would for a sermon or a lesson. He also finds a way to alliterate his points so they’re ideal for preaching and teaching. For example, in Matthew 8, you’ll find the prayer of the centurion. Rosscup’s main points are titled:

The Entreaty of the Centurion
The Emphasis of the Centurion
The Exhibition of Jesus

Later in Matthew is the story Rosscup titles Prayer in the Terror of a Storm. His commentary is divided into these sections:

The Crisis on the Ship
The Cry of the Servants
The Calming of the Storm
The Consideration of His Sufficiency

Tap Into the Power of Prayer and Share it With Others

We’re blessed that the Bible makes over 1,000 references to prayer, and Rosscup takes us on a journey through each instance. Prayer is the one thing we all do, yet all of us want to do it better. Imagine the benefits of injecting the element of prayer into every Scripture you study and every lesson you preach or teach. This is how An Exposition on Prayer can minister to you as you minister to others. Click here to add this work to your digital library now. You’ll be enjoying it within minutes. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8375.
In His Service,

Jim Baird

5-Vol. Standard Reference Library – Genesis-Revelation – $29.95

standard reference library, wordsearchHere’s an affordable, easy-to-read commentary that covers your entire Bible. The Standard Reference Library is a 5-volume reference set that brings you solid teaching on each Bible passage from Genesis all the way through Revelation. This helpful commentary set normally sells for $99.95, but, for a limited time, you can have it by direct download foronly $29.95. Just click here and you can begin using it today! Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8381.

What the Bible Says and What the Bible Means
Standard Publishing is known for producing outstanding lesson material for Sunday school and Bible study. In this series, you’ll find the authors take a straightforward approach to bring you deep insights on each Bible book. They have divided this commentary into the following 5 volumes:

The Pentateuch takes you through the first 5 books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

The History of Israel covers all the Bible books from Joshua through Esther.

Poetry and Prophecy points to the coming of Christ, starting with the book of Psalms and continuing through Malachi.

The Life and Ministry of Jesus examines all 4 gospels simultaneously.

The New Testament Church guides your studies from the book of Acts all the way through the book of Revelation.

Just the Right Amount of Commentary on Each Verse
The Standard Reference Library recognizes that some Bible passages require more intense examination than others. You’ll find the authors often pause on important verses to give you the in-depth treatment each verse deserves. Plus, you’ll appreciate all the charts and timelinesthat are inserted to give you graphic overviews. Add this excellent resource to your digital bookshelf and I’m sure you’ll be delighted. Just click here.

NEW! An Exposition on Prayer
Check out this new release of a 4-volume commentary unlike anything in your digital library.An Exposition on Prayer by Dr. Jim Rosscup is a masterpiece of scholarship that covers the entire Bible. Rosscup offers detailed commentary on every prayer and reference to prayer in the Bible. This includes the prayers of Christ, along with every man, woman, child, and even demons. Dr. John MacArthur calls this work “the most comprehensive material that has ever been written on prayer.” An Exposition on Prayer is normally $149.99, but, through Sept. 16, you can take our introductory price of $99.95. Click here to add this outstanding resource to your digital library today. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8381.

Gift Card Sale – $120 of Credit for $100
Over the next several weeks, WORDsearch will be releasing some outstanding new content for your digital library. We often offer these new resources at reduced prices for a short period of time, so by purchasing a WORDsearch Gift Card now, you canenjoy an additional 17% off future purchases. These are electronic gift cards for your WORDsearchaccount, and, through Sept. 8, you can purchase $120 gift cards for $100. For example: a month from now you might find a $200 commentary on sale for $120. Simply apply your gift card credit (for which you paid $100) and it will be like you got your new commentary for half-off! Click here for complete details. This sale will end in 7 days.

Take advantage of these sales specials now, before they expire. Building your digital library is a worthy investment, especially as you invest in the lives of  those who benefit from your ministry.

In His Service,

Jim Baird

New! Explore the Lineage of Christ with the Adam Family Tree

wells bible atlasToday I have 2 new releases to share with you, and they both come from the industrious hand of D. J. Wells. The Wells Bible Atlas is a helpful reference tool for your digital library. The Adam Family Tree is a limited edition lithographic print for your home or office. Click here for details on both.

The Wells Bible Atlas

The Wells Bible Atlas is not a collection of maps as the name might imply. It is an “atlas” of every person and place mentioned in the Bible. In 1915, D. J. Wells undertook the seemingly impossible task of cataloging all 3,132 people that he found in the Bible, plus the name of nearly every place and location. Sorted alphabetically, Wells offers a description of each name, along with the reference text of where they appear in Scripture. He also included timelines, fascinating details, and information about the Bible. The Wells Bible Atlas has long been out of print and is difficult to find. For a limited time, you can take the Wells Bible Atlas for the introductory price of $19.95. Click here to order.

The Adam Family Tree

One of most interesting features of the Wells Bible Atlas is a large fold-out section titled the Adam Family Tree. This chart illustrates the complete lineage from Adam to Jesus. Even if you found a rare copy of the Wells Bible Atlas it is unlikely this poster would still be in the book.

The printed Adam Family Tree is so large, it was impossible to reproduce in WORDsearch to be used like the printed chart. So, we reproduced the Adam Family Tree in this large, limited edition lithograph suitable for framing.

adam family tree

Share with your family and friends. Trace the lineage from Adam to Jesus Christ, showing how the birth line goes through both Joseph and Mary. A red line helps you follow the ancestors of Jesus. D. J. Wells meticulously assembled this family tree, noting the Scripture reference where each character appears. WORDsearch has carefully reproduced this chart and is offering this limited edition lithograph, recreated in the beautiful 19th century style as it originally appeared.

When you receive this chart in its protective tube, you will want to take it to a frame shop and create a one-of-a-kind display for your home or office (the frame shown in the photo above is not included). The Adam Family Tree is timeless lesson that is easy to demonstrate to curious people of any age. It also makes a wonderful gift that will be treasured by any believer. For a limited time, it’s available at the introductory price of just $24.95. Order quantities of 5 or 10 and save even more. Click here for details or call 1-800-888-9898 and mention special offer 8363.

In His Service,

Jim Baird