Saturday Roundup


Happy Saturday everyone! Thank you so much for the work you do for the kingdom. It seems we hear of great tragedy in the news every day. It’s a reminder of how desperate the world is for a Savior, and all those who are suffering need our prayers. We hope you know how much we appreciate you.

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Golden Nuggets – Over 1,400 Sermon Outlines and Support Material

Golden NuggetsEvery once in awhile our research team uncovers a treasury of Bible study helps that seem to have been lost or forgotten. Whenever this happens, my first question is “How soon can we make this available to WORDsearch customers?” That’s exactly what happened recently with Golden Nuggets. Imagine 30 volumes of outstanding sermon outlines covering thousands of topics! We priced this massive collection at $199.95, but for a limited time, our sale price is just $79.95. Just click here to order yours. Or if you prefer ordering by phone, call 1-800-888-9898. Mention special offer 6515.

Introducing Golden Nuggets

Back in the 1960s, evangelist and editor Maze Jackson began collecting and publishing the best sermon outlines he could find. This collection, originally published as a part of The Preacher’s Goldmine, grew to 30 volumes and was quite popular among preachers and Bible teachers. Sadly, Jackson died in 1996, and Golden Nuggets seemed to fade away. Gratefully, we managed to find all 30 volumes of Golden Nuggets and have meticulously formatted each volume. Now, updated in digital form, this magnificent set is available to serve you and your ministry.

Here’s Why You’re Going to Love Golden Nuggets

An outline for just about any biblical topic you want to preach or teach about can be found in Golden Nuggets. Hundreds of gifted preachers have contributed to this collection. I did a quick search on prayer and found over 200 sermon outlines including Paul’s Secrets of Prayer, The World’s Shortest Prayer, Great Men and Their Prayers, Conditions of the Heart In Prayer, The Prayer Life of Jesus and many others.

Each volume includes hundreds of powerful outlines, most of them beautifully alliterated, and many with detailed sub-points. Also, each volume features a folder of Condensed Outlines that distills a biblical topic down to the bare essentials. Just by scanning through, you’ll get hundreds of ideas for sermons and lessons of your own.

Click here, and you’ll find a link that shows a sample of the outstanding material in this collection.

Take advantage of this great deal on a unique resource that will be a blessing to your ministry for years to come. This offer is good for a limited time. As always, I guarantee your satisfaction, or we’ll happily refund your purchase. Feel free to call our toll free number. Our friendly Customer Service Reps will help you download this package so you can begin using it immediately. 1-800-888-9898. Just mention special offer 6515.

High Praise for Golden Nuggets

“I am excited to recommend the Golden Nuggets books. I have had them in printed book form for many years. They are a very useful tool for the busy preacher and pastor. I know many of the preachers who contributed their outlines to make these books possible and have great confidence in their ability to study and search the scriptures and put together alliterated outlines that will stir your heart and the hearts of your congregation. Thank you WORDsearch for making these available to all those who preach and teach to change lives.”
Dr. Larry Grisham, Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church, Harrison, TN